Hand with glove olding covid 19 vaccine vials with festival in background
Photo by Wendy Wei from Pexels

'Positive step': R&V founder supports vaccine certificates

Lloyd Burr 05/10/2021

LISTEN: Rhythm & Vines founder Hamish Pinkham tells Lloyd Burr his thoughts on the announced vaccine certificates and the effect this will have on the summer festivals heading into 2022.

"It was certainly a bit of the direction we've been looking for. And it's a it's a positive step, I think, for the wider industry to now move forward with our planning" Pinkham told Lloyd Burr this afternoon.

"We know some of the intentions from the government" Pinkham continued.

"We know what their intentions are. And we know we can get back to level one following and supporting this initiative. So we're encouraging people to get vaccinated. And it looks like it will be you know, no vaccination, no events for a lot of people this summer."

When asked about whether it is confirmed that the new year festival was planning to go ahead for certain, the R&V co-founder stated...

"That's the intention we've got. That's the direction we've got. And government's been quite clear on that. We want to see a summer of live events. So today was a big step towards getting some clarity. And we look forward to, you know, applying what the government's direction is in the coming weeks".

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