Ryan Bridge: The Government's stopped listening to Auckland - time to cut their pay

The AM Show 13/10/2021

OPINION: This Government's stopped listening to Auckland - its economic engine room, a city of 1.7 million people.

Like a pesky child, we've been banished to our rooms for time out - with no sign of when the punishment will end.

No targets like Sydney. No hope for Christmas. No hope for a holiday out of the city unless it's in the boot of some car going north.


Ask any business owner in Auckland and they'll tell you, the worst part is being told day-in, day-out the Prime Minister and her fellow ministers "can understand how we're all feeling" and "we know you're doing it tough".

Well, they need a rocket up their jacksies. 

Nothing gets one motivated like a whack to the wallet.

So, let's bring back the pay cuts. 

The last time the PM was forced into it, she spun that it was "about showing leadership".

Well, I can think of no better time than now to show leadership and a bit of solidarity with the kids in lockdown.

Ryan Bridge hosts The AM Show.