Shorter MIQ stays, home isolation a 'step closer'

Leah Panapa 27/10/2021

LISTEN: COVID-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins has signalled major changes to the current managed isolation and quarantine system are at long last on their way for fully vaccinated people arriving into New Zealand.

Some of the new measures expected to be included are shorter MIQ stays for those who are double jabbed and home isolation could also be in the mix

Cabinet was expected to announce changes to the MIQ system today, but it “might” happen on Thursday instead.

Sir Ray Avery is a New Zealand pharmaceutical scientist, inventor and co-founder of Jupl which has entered into a partnership to develop a method that would allow Kiwis to return home safely and avoid the MIQ system altogether.

"The aim of this strategy is to use technology to eliminate human error and provide the government with documented assurances that COVID home isolation can effectively prevent widespread community transmission of COVID," Sir Ray said.

Jupl is a leader in medical grade personal monitoring systems which comply with mandatory privacy regulations.

It is responsible for ensuring that quarantined individuals are fitted with a non-removable wristband upon arrival during their home isolation.

The wrist strap is paired with a Jupl phone which connects to a cloud based server monitoring someone’s movements 24 hours a day seven days a week.

If the person breaches their designated quarantine area or removes their wristband an alarm is automatically sent to MIQ security staff.

Listen to the full interview with Sir Ray Avery above.

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