Still searching for answers: New Pike River documentary to air on Prime

Leah Panapa 15/10/2021

LISTEN: It's been almost 11 years since 29 miners lost their lives at Pike River Mine and to date, no one has been held accountable for their tragic deaths.

The remains of those who died there on November 19, 2010, have not been recovered.

Film director Sofia Wenborn has made a second documentary on the disaster to find answers about the cause of the explosion and to recover the remains of those killed.

She says the first docu-drama, Pike River, which was made in 2016, "stayed" with her and she was keen to do a follow up documentary.

"We made good friends and we stayed in touch because the work for them stopped - the family members in particular," Wenborn told Magic Talk.

"And while everyone was still arguing over whether it was possible or whether we should spend the money to go back into the mine to recover the bodies, and to complete the police investigation which was never completed, the families were fighting for that." 

But following the change in government in 2017, as an election promise, the Pike River Recovery Agency was formed.

Recovery 29 has taken three years to make and filming at Pike River was challenging, Wenborn said.

The outcome of the agency has disappointed many, however, as none of the remains have been recovered.

  • Recovery 29 airs Tuesday 26 October at 8.30pm on Prime.

Listen to the full interview with Sofia Wenborn above.

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