Sydney re-opens with Freedom day

The AM Show 11/10/2021

WATCH: Today businesses and citizens rejoice as Sydney re-opens to the double jabbed with it's very own 'freedom day'.

After a whopping 106 days in lockdown, Sydney will finally get a taste of freedom. Today, businesses re-opened to those residents who are double vaxed. How will they be celebrating Freedom Day? Australia correspondent Jason Morrison joined The AM Show this morning to discuss this.

When asked about the impact on local businesses and the general mood Morrision said "Just let us get on with life again. Hairdressing. I mean, look at me. That is open now. You can go and get a haircut at four o'clock in the morning. It's been open for four hours. But you got to have an appointment because it's booked up there. Three months worth of hair cutting to do there. And they are miles behind and you can't get in for weeks. So it's sort of strange. It's this inundation of all these things which we just took so much for granted."

When asked if people are scared about the city re opening, Morrison said "There will be people who are. I know that I mean, I was talking to some friends yesterday who I mean, kids aren't meant to go back to school for another two weeks, really on bulk."

"And there are people very worried about what that will mean. I feel like getting, I was shaking them saying 'what's wrong with you? This is the best news ever! They can go!' But, no there is a sort of a mindset there that sort of says this is this is all of it too much, too soon."

"I don't get that" Morrison continued. "I mean, I don't know about you, but I think we are very much at the stage where this being our life for 18 months, heading towards two years now. How hard is it to take your own precautions?"

"How hard is it to put the mask on when you're worried or sanitized when you are in and out of places and whatever else? I'm sure we'll figure it out. I mean, life once went on before all these rules, it can go on the again."

Morrison touched on the over use of mask wearing when outdoors, saying "Probably the big thing that's going to be a real circuit breaker for a lot of people is not having to wear one of those damn masks outside, because apart from the fact that they according to just about everything I've read and seen, do very little anyway, they're such an impediment to sort of the mindset that says, hey, we're going somewhere here. So you won't see these silly scenes of people walking out to the little boxes to check the mail with a mask on. So there are sort of things that are starting to happen which will feel normal."

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