Waitākere Hospital refuses to treat baby with brain injury

Lloyd Burr 12/10/2021

LISTEN: A West Auckland hospital has apologised after telling a mother whose baby was suffering a brain injury that the wait to see a doctor would be 10-hours.

Alana Vazey's 5-month-old daughter suffered a fall from a cot while at daycare and rushed her straight to the emergency department at Waitākere Hospital.

She says her experience at the hospital last Wednesday was frightening.

"Obviously I was angry at the time but now it's just disappointing," she told Lloyd Burr Live.

Vazey says she was told to queue in line and wait until a doctor was available. The wait was 10-hours long.

"I got annoyed and I wasn't going to stand there much longer because my daughter needed to be seen," she said.

But still, hospital staff and security ignored her and refused to treat the young baby, who had started to vomit.

Vazey says the hospital called for more security guards to remove her and her 5-month-old baby from the premises.

She contacted her GP who advised Vazey to take her daughter to Starship Hospital for treatment.

The young girl was diagnosed with a small brain bleed and concussion.

Since the story broke, Waitematā DHB has made "instant changes" it says to ensure people are triaged correctly when they arrive.

Listen to the full interview with Alana Vazey above.

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