Wizard sacked by Christchurch council says he's going to cast spell on them for being 'boring, greedy'

Lloyd Burr 11/10/2021

LISTEN: The Christchurch City Council has had a change of heart and will stop paying The Wizard after more than two decades.

Jack, or The Wizard as he's more commonly known, strongly dismisses claims he is paid a salary by the council, rather he was offered money more than two decades ago to provide "wizardry" acts for the city.

Before then, he had been doing it for free.

But he's not on a contract - he's on an honorarium which both parties agreed to decades ago, Jack says.

"I'm not going to sign a contract and do what I'm told," Jack told Lloyd Burr Live.

For more than 20 years, the Christchurch City Council has paid him $16,000 a year. In total, he has been paid $368,000 for his services to the community.

Jack suspects the Council is tidying up its books and claims he has been neglected by them.

"They haven't sent a letter, there's been no communication, no meetings have been held by anybody - they've had a few fake meetings.

"They've been handling the whole thing like a bunch of amateurs and they're now wide open to civil suits," he told Magic Talk.

The Wizard of New Zealand Limited contracts to supply Jack's services to the Council.

Jack says the Council is being "boring and extremely greedy".

Council assistant chief executive Lynn McClelland said the final payment under the contract with The Wizard, which started in 1998, would be made in December.

When he's not being a wizard, Jack says he is a "living work of art" and is "very good at spellcasting".

Listen to the full interview with Jack above.

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