Would Judith Collins mandate "No Jab, No Entry" or "No Jab, No Job"?

The AM Show 06/10/2021

WATCH: Judith Collins claims "No jab, no job" policy would drive up unemployment rates.

Employers and business are pleading with the government to make these policies mandated so that they themselves do not have to be the rule makers and have to navigate the legal mine field of keeping employees and customers safe, but unable to ask the vaccination status of those who work there.

Judith Collins says guidance is needed.

"I think the Government needs to give guidance to business," Collins, leader of the National Party, told The AM Show on Wednesday. "It's pretty clear that the Government isn't quite sure what to do itself."

Collins said the Government needs to be "very careful" in how it proceeds, "because the last thing you want to do is add to the extra people who are already on benefits, which is now what, about 200,000 people on main benefits ".

"Massive business loss, massive job loss happening right now, particularly in Auckland. So we would want to take the health advice on that - if the Government would like to share the health advice, we could tell them what to do. We've already rolled out our 10-point plan which they should just copy."

"We believe in personal responsibility and private property rights, and if the Government's going to mandate it they need to explain why they should mandate it, because they're certainly not mandating or talking about it for churches and obviously gangs, are certainly obviously not following the rules," said Collins.

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