'Absolutely devastating': Air NZ cancels more than 1000 flights over Christmas

Leah Panapa 23/11/2021

LISTEN: More than a thousand flights between New Zealand and Australia have been cancelled, Air New Zealand has announced.

The affected flights are from now until the end of the year, with border uncertainty being blamed. 

Air New Zealand says it will impact more than 20 thousand travellers, many of who were hoping to see family and loved ones over the Christmas period.

YOU Travel Birkenhead managing director, Caroline Edwards, is not surprised.

"It's always been on our radar. There's so much uncertainty out there," she told Magic Talk.

It's unlikely Aussie travellers will be able to enter New Zealand again until at least January 17.

Edwards says Kiwis can still travel to Australia, however, with some states allowing entry.

"There are certain flights on certain days that will be available.

"It's more the getting back into New Zealand and obviously MIQ is a bit of a nightmare as well," she told Magic Talk.

Edwards says she will be busy over the next week or so assisting with affected clients.

It's absolutely devastating.

She advises customers who will no longer be able to travel because of the cancelled flights to hold onto their credits.

"Because there is still no certainty with when those international borders will reopen," Edwards told Magic Talk.

Listen to the full interview with Caroline Edwards above.

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