'Law by fiat': Judith Collins condemns govt rushing through COVID 'traffic light' laws

The AM Show 24/11/2021

WATCH: Judith Collins told The AM Show this morning that the rushed legislation surrounding the new COVID 'traffic light system' starting on December 3rd are undemocratic, and that the system shouldn't exist in the first place.

The legislation which can be read here has gone through parliament under urgency after months of deliberation as to whether the government would front with a plan to ease the over 100 day lock down in Auckland and the wider country. National leader Judith Collins says the policy isn't needed at 90% vaccination rates and is overkill.

The bill passed it's first two readings on Tuesday. Labour, Green and ACT passed the first reading, with ACT bowing out on the second. Both readings were opposed by National and Te Pati Māori.

"We're actually opposed to this. It's a ridiculous piece of lawmaking," National Party leader Collins told The AM Show on Wednesday.

"It's basically law by fiat, rather than by democratic responsibility and letting people know what it entails."

Collins says the Prime Minister has no answer to her questions on how a region can move between alert levels, such as red to orange, a move Aucklanders will want to make happen as soon as possible.

"She had no answers on it," Collins said. "If she doesn't understand it, why would this legislation be rushed through Parliament without any select committee process, without anybody getting to know the details of what it is that they are wanting to do?"

Two of the key factors the government will be looking at are vaccination levels and whether the health system will be under too much strain under looser restrictions.

Collins also stated that the 'traffic light system' is not needed with a 90% double vaccinated population, calling it 'ridiculous'.

Though, most of the country is nowhere near that level of double doses.

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