'Nightmare': Hairdressers not given enough time to prepare for reopening

Lloyd Burr 22/11/2021

LISTEN: Hairdressers are allowed to reopen for vaccinated customers from Thursday, the government has announced.

For the first time in around three months, barbers and hairdressers will be allowed to finally open for business again this week.

"Cabinet has today provided New Zealanders certainty by confirming the whole country will move into the traffic light system on December 3 - 11 days from now," Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said.

"Setting the date now gives people, communities and businesses time to prepare to move safely and smoothly into the new traffic light system."

Jennifer Morgan from The Hair Collective says it's been a "brutal" lockdown.

"We've been waiting, waiting, waiting for 13 weeks now," she told Lloyd Burr Live.

But while it's great news for businesses like Morgan's - who have finally been given a reopen date, unfortunately it's only two days notice. That's not enough time to prepare for reopening.

"Although we want to open desperately it's actually not the news we needed because the logistics of this are far larger than the government can possibly understand," she said.

"I'm somewhat gutted that they expect we can do this in two days."

It's just a bit of a nightmare right now.

Morgan says she was advised that hairdressers would reopen on December 1.

"We don't have stock. We were organising it for the first of December," she told Magic Talk.

Morgan says her business will look to reopen on Friday instead, losing a day's trading, because they don't have the supplies needed.

She says some of her clients haven't had their hair done for 21 weeks. 

"We need to make sure we see them first," Morgan said.

"It's just a mess right now."

Listen to the full interview with Jennifer Morgan above.

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