Singapore won't cover medical costs of people unvaccinated by choice - should NZ do the same?

Leah Panapa 10/11/2021

LISTEN: The Singaporean Government has said it will no longer cover the medical costs of people who are "unvaccinated by choice".

85 percent of people in Singapore eligible for COVID-19 vaccines are already fully vaccinated, while 18 percent have received booster shots. 

Those who remain unvaccinated make up the bulk of new COVID-19 cases and hospitalisations in the city-state.

In New Zealand, every citizen's medical costs are covered by the Government.

Auckland University professor of law and medical ethics, Tim Dare, doesn't think a similar stance would be introduced here.

"It would be extraordinary for anything like that to happen in New Zealand," he told Magic Talk.

"It's a pretty safe bet that it won't."

Prof Dare says often health officials will make hard decisions about who gets medical resources as there aren't enough to go around.

"But we never make those decisions on the basis of whether people deserve it or not," he said.

And those decisions are always made on clinical grounds.

Listen to the full interview with Professor Tim Dare above.

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