Chester Borrows & Nicole McKee via Getty
Chester Borrows & Nicole McKee via Getty

'Three Strikes' panel debates effectiveness of policy as government retracts the law

Lloyd Burr 11/11/2021

LISTEN: This afternoon the government retracted the 'Three Strikes' law first introduced by ACT aimed at dishing out the highest penalty possible once a repeat offender is convicted for the third time for that crime.

On the panel this afternoon on Lloyd Burr Live was ACT's Justice Spokesperson Nicole McKee and Former Minister for Courts of New Zealand & Parole Board Member Chester Borrows.

The ACT Party has just launched a petition against the repeal of the Three Strikes law. Chester Borrows is a member of the Parole board, deciding whether or not prisoners can be let out of prison early.

Earlier this afternoon Lloyd Burr wrote a piece about the revoking of this law and how he believes it won't be long until it's back on the table.

Labour tried to repeal the law previously but then-leader Andrew Little was forced to backtrack after then-coalition partner NZ First pulled the hand brake on allowing the repeal to go through.

Now Justice Minister Kris Faafoi announced today that the government is re-introducing the repeal bill to abolish the law once and for all. Previous convictions under the 'Three Strikes' law will remain as such and no one currently convicted under the law will serve a shorter sentence.

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