'Very busy': Auckland hairdressers, barbers finally reopen

Lloyd Burr 25/11/2021

LISTEN: Thursday marked 100 days of lockdown in Auckland but also a relief for hairdressers and barbers in the city, who could finally open their doors again.

Since the Delta outbreak began, they have been empty and silent and their clientele has been steadily growing more desperate and hairy.

But after receiving short notice from the government earlier this week, they were told they could turn on the trimmers from Thursday.

They flung open their doors once again and salons and barbers have been buzzing with a flurry of scissors, razors, combs and blow-dryers.

Adrian Evans, owner of Bett-Jamens Barber, said he's happy to be back.

"We're very busy. We've been run off our feet today," he told Lloyd Bur Live.

Evans said it's good to see the cash register back in action too.

Our clients love being in the chair again.

It's a long day for Evans, who is pulling a 12-hour shift and finishing at 7pm.

"The legs are feeling a bit tender at the moment. They're not used to these long hours, I've been cutting since 7am."

His business has implemented the COVID vaccine certificate system. Evans said it's going "really well".

Listen to the full interview with Adrian Evans above.

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