Ardern shuts down any chance of hospo venues opening with retail this week

The AM Show 08/11/2021

WATCH: Cabinet today makes a final ruling on whether Auckland moves to step 2 of level 3 today - unfortunately for hospitality workers and hairdressers they will still be left out of those returning to the workforce or operating at a higher capacity.

This morning on The AM Show Jacinda Ardern was asked if it's possible that hospitality venues could be allowed to re-open to patrons to serve 25 people in an outdoor setting, considering any household could in theory have 25 people in their own back yard from 24 different bubbles.

"Keeping in mind, for most hospitality venues, for instance, [25] wouldn't be a particularly viable level of operation for them," Ardern said.

This means hospitality or close contact businesses will not re-open fully until step 3 of level 3 or we enter into the traffic light system.

If all three Auckland DHBs reach 90% double vaccination rates before we get to step 3 of level 3, the road-map becomes redundant and Auckland moves into the traffic light system. After this last weekend all three DHBs have now crossed over 90% first dose milestone.

"In Auckland, we now have all three DHBs that have now reached first dose 90 percent," Ardern said. "That means that within as early as three weeks, you could see Auckland moving into the new framework which opens up everything again."

"In the meantime, we continue with the resurgence support payment and the wage subsidy as we come to this point of transition," Ardern told The AM Show host Ryan Bridge.

We will find out more about moving into step 2 of level 3 at 4pm today.

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