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Ask The Expert: Max Whitehead answers your workplace vaccine mandate questions

Leah Panapa 26/11/2021

LISTEN: Confusion remains around workplace vaccination mandates and dates by which people must have either received their first dose or be fully vaccinated.

Volunteer and career firefighters who have yet to be jabbed - have this weekend to meet the first dose deadline of January 29.

Meanwhile, Workplace Relations and Safety Minister Michael Wood has announced workplace vaccination requirements will be extended to include the New Zealand Police and Defence Force with first doses due by January 17.

Different dates for different sectors and others have yet to be mandated.

With the traffic light system and vaccine passports coming into effect next Friday - where does that leave everyone?

Our expert this week is Max Whitehead, an employment law specialist from Whitehead Group Employment Solutions, to answer your questions.

Listen to the full interview with Max Whitehead above.

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