Auckland restaurateur slams govt's lack of clarity on reopening

Lloyd Burr 17/11/2021

LISTEN: Auckland business owners say they still have a lot of unanswered questions around the city's planned reopening.

The government announced on Wednesday the Auckland border will be lifted on December 15 to allow for Christmas travel.

But the region's hospitality industry remains frustrated about the lack of clarity as they still don't have a date to reopen yet. Many are seeking answers to questions like when can they reopen and when will they be able to order supplies and roster staff. 

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has indicated they will be told on November 29, when a decision is finally made.

For many businesses, it's not as easy as hitting a big green button and the doors are open. They have to plan ahead with advanced notice to prepare.

Cafe Hanoi owner Krishna Botica says she has "more than a hundred questions" that she and the Restaurant Association would like the government to answer.

"We don't have clarity," she told Lloyd Burr Live.

"We don't know how many staff we might need to employ to manage the vaccine passport system and we don't information around all of the protocols that will need to be in place to keep our customers and staff safe."

Botica says she has received "no guidance" at all from the government.

"It just feels to us that we are sort of again behind everybody else including people making arrangements for their holidays. 

"The government has prioritised that information going out to the general public in Auckland but actually hasn't prioritised how businesses are going to get up and running in order to survive," she told Magic Talk.

Listen to the full interview with Krishna Botica above.

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