Conspiracy believers 'backed into a corner' as NZ nears 90% vaccine target

Leah Panapa 30/11/2021

LISTEN: Life under the incoming traffic light system will look a lot different for the thousands of Kiwis who have so far chosen not to get vaccinated against COVID.

342,000 people are estimated to not have received a vaccine does yet.

Distinguished Professor Paul Spoonley, a sociologist from Massey University, says the looming D day might be the push some people need to get jabbed.

"There will be a small number who realise they're being excluded from a whole lot of things and it will motivate them to get vaccinated," he told Magic Talk.

Prof Spoonley says Europe is a perfect example of the unvaccinated quickly changing their minds.

"Once the European countries said this is what the vaccinated can do and this is what the unvaccinated can't do then you got a bit of a shift in terms of mentality, and some people certainly did take up the offer."

At least 85 percent of eligible people in New Zealand have received at least one dose of the COVID vaccine.

But for the small group of people who believe in made-up conspiracies, Prof Spoonley says they will "dig in".

"It's a really big number that we're seeing getting with the play. It just feels to this group who are not with the play that they are backed into a corner."

Listen to the full interview with Professor Paul Spoonley above.

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