Vaccine passport website crashes as Kiwis try to secure their freedom ticket

The AM Show 17/11/2021

WATCH: Minister for COVID Chris Hipkins joined The AM Show to discuss the much anticipated and controversial vaccine certificates as they went live to be able to register for and download this morning. You can register for yours here. The bas news is - the system is currently down due to such high traffic volumes.

Vaccine certificates will grant kiwis this summer freedoms that have been put on hold during the pandemic and this most recent lockdown. Coupled with high vaccination rates and the ‘traffic light system’ people are expected to be able to start living their lives more normally.

Under the approaching framework, double vaccinated kiwis will be able to shop retail, dine out and attend events this summer knowing that those around them are also double vaccinated thanks to the vaccine certificate. Though, this system has been met with plenty of push back from different members of the public, causing much division amongst New Zealanders during this extended Auckland lockdown and Delta outbreak.

This morning Chris Hipkins made note that because of the large amounts of people visiting the website it has been very difficult for many to be able to get through to log in or register.

"My understanding is that the system is struggling to cope with the demand, on one [hand] that's a good sign. The system can produce about 200 certificates per second but there's a lot of people trying to log in," Hipkins told The AM Show.

People were able to register their My COVID Record account weeks ago, though most are expected to begin the process now that the certificates are ready to download.

"The people it will take the longest for are the people who haven't [created] their My COVID Record... for the people who have already created their account, the process of downloading their certificate should only take a minute or two. For the people who still need to create their account, it will take a little bit longer."

The legal framework to implement these certificates are still yet to pass in parliament, though Hipkins said he expects that to go through sometime next week. Unvaccinated kiwis are assured that there will be no vaccine certificates for essential services like the supermarket and healthcare.

"We're expecting the legal framework around that to be passed by Parliament next week - that will allow us to mandate the use of vaccine certificates in certain settings. We expect that before the end of the year, we'll be moving to that new 'traffic light' framework and we'll set out more about that later on today."

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