Kiwis need to learn to live with COVID as rest of the world resumes normal life - Sir Ian Taylor

Danny Watson 05/11/2021

LISTEN: A New Zealand businessman, who is currently visiting California as part of his own trial of MIQ-free overseas travel, says New Zealand needs to learn to live with COVID as the rest of the world resumes normal life.

Animation pioneer Sir Ian Taylor is in the United States to meet with broadcasters and sports companies. 

He says despite being in a place with high numbers of COVID cases, he feels a lot "safer" than in New Zealand.

"I've come to LA and San Francisco and in both places I feel safer than I do back at home, certainly passing through Auckland," he told Magic Talk.

California has recorded more than 4.8 million confirmed cases and 72,500 deaths since the pandemic began in 2020.

The vaccination rate in Los Angeles is only around 62 percent but most people are wearing masks and being tested, Sir Ian said.

Sir Ian says the approach in California is to test people before they enter a location.

He visited Fox Broadcasting Company this week and said he was required to show his double-vaccination status. However, for those who are unvaccinated, there was a different process.

"You would have to show either that you had a very recent negative test - and by very recent we mean almost now, or you just went to this little shed they had and they tested you there and made sure you were negative before you went in," Sir Ian told Magic Talk.

He says the unvaccinated are not banned from visiting places, but it's certainly a lot easier to do things if you are vaccinated.

Listen to the full interview with Sir Ian Taylor above.

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