Hugging stock image via Pexels
Hugging stock image via Pexels

Lloyd Burr: Can we hug our loved ones? Can we hug our friends? Or is it still banned?

Lloyd Burr 30/11/2021

OPINION: With Freedom Day coming up, and the festive season on our doorstep, I’d like to talk about hugging. 

Can we hug our loved ones? Can we hug our friends? Or is it still banned? 

The reason I ask is that I’m desperate for a hug! 

I’ve been bereft of social interaction for nearly two years. 

All those months of lockdown in London, followed by all these months of lockdown in Auckland has meant no hugging. No close interaction with other humans.

So come Friday, I’d love to be able to hug my mates, and when the Auckland border opens, hug my mum and dad and brother and sister and niece and nephew. 

But here’s the problem: the government’s messaging on this has not been clear. 

This morning, Health Minister Andrew Little said hugs are both allowed and not allowed. 

For those you haven't seen in a while, give them a virtual hug, he said. 

For family members, hugs are fine, unless you haven't seen them in a while. 

He said: “There are other ways of showing affection to people you haven’t seen in a while that doesn’t involve close contact.” 

The problem is, I haven’t seen most of my friends, nor my family in a while. 

I’ve seen hardly anyone outside of my bubble, as per the rules. 

So does this mean I can’t hug my mates and my family? 

Then there was Covid Minister Chris Hipkins whose comments two weeks ago are adding to my confusion. 

I asked him in which colour of the traffic light can people have causal sex. It was a question from my friends at The Edge. 

He laughed it off, and said people were doing that anyway and hinted that causal sex was fine under any colour of the traffic light. 

So having rootie tooties with a stranger is fine, but hugging friends and family is not? 

I know it’s a trivial thing, but it’s important that the government gets it right. 

Otherwise it just becomes noise. And no one can hear the message. 

And no one trusts your other messages. 

So please, can someone tell me: Can I hug my friends and family or not?

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