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Lloyd Burr: I’m hardly looking to COP26 in Glasgow full of hope and excitement, and I doubt you are too

Opinion 01/11/2021

OPINION: World leaders and influencers and other eco organisations are currently on their way to Glasgow. 

They’re all attending or observing a meeting that’s called COP26.

COP stands for Conference of Parties, and the 26 is because it’s the 26th time this meeting has been held. 

Those ‘parties’ are all the countries that have signed up to the UN Climate Change Framework. 

As time goes on and climate change becomes more and more vital for all of us to address, these conferences become more and more important. 

Mainly though, it’s the outcomes of these conferences that’s the most important, provided those outcomes actually lead to change. 

And that’s where it’s hard to quantify because there’s a lot of talk and jargon like ‘Kyoto Protocol’ and ‘Paris Accord’, yet there’s little to prove that it’s actually saving the planet. 

The cynic in me just sees these big talk fests where big, bold solutions are discussed and agreed to. Then everyone returns home and realises how bloody hard it is, and nothing gets done. 

The optimist in me hopes that there’s action going on behind the scenes, and that eventually all the countries will agree and we’ll all find a way through it. 

But it’s hard to believe that’ll actually happen when there are so many moving parts, and so many vastly unequal countries who’re at different stages of development with different priorities. 

It still begs the question though: how the heck do we collectively solve the climate crisis? We can’t just wait for the situation to become more acute for every country until we think ‘oh bugger, let’s do something’. 

Now I’m hardly looking to COP26 in Glasgow full of hope and excitement, and I doubt you are too. 

But if we want to live happy lives on a happy planet, we need to do something - and if that ‘something’ can be devised by politicians in Glascow, then bring it on. 

It can’t get much worse. 

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