David Seymour via Getty
David Seymour via Getty

Lloyd Burr: I want to call out the ACT Party on it’s vaccine mandate flip-flop

Opinion 15/11/2021

LISTEN: This afternoon Lloyd Burr wrote an opinion piece criticizing David Seymour for 'flip-flopping' on vaccination mandates. Listen as the pair go head to head in a fiery debate about who needs to set the record straight.

OPINION: It’s easy when you’re in opposition to come up with all the answers and solutions without having to actually roll them out or be accountable for them. 

Particularly during Covid, when there aren’t really any tried and true solutions. 

So I want to call out the ACT Party on it’s vaccine mandate flip-flop. 

Last month, they were urging the government to mandate vaccines. 

They did so because businesses were worried that they’d be discriminating against people if they didn’t allow unvaccinated people on the premises. 

Leader David Seymour said business were “walking a tightrope, with the Government unhelpfully shouting from the stalls”. 

But what Seymour has since discovered is that he’s walking his own tightrope within his own party. 

The tightrope between the conservative and liberal factions of the ACT Party. 

There are those who want vaccine mandates so businesses can plan and not be sued. 

Then there are those who want freedom of choice, and for mandates not to be compulsory. 

Which is probably why we saw Seymour come out at the weekend and say that he’s no pro-vaccination mandates, he’s pro-vaccination. 

He said that “regular testing provides as much if not more reassurance to people encountering essential workers that they are safe”. 

Seymour says ACT's preferred policy is to allow businesses to decide their own policy for vaccination; and that the option of regular testing - as a substitute - can be built into that. 

Imagine if he was in government, he’d be getting so much heat for being hard-lined, then softening up completely. 

He’s obviously been forced by the the libertarian wing of his party to be more liberal and more ‘freedom to the people’ instead of advocating for mandatory vaccinations. 

It’s a dangerous move, as it also looks like he’s pandering to the pro-freedom, Trump flag-waving, conspiracy theorists who keep marching around the place. 

Now’s the time for sensible politics, not flip-flopping and anti-vax pandering. 

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