Festival stock image via Pexels
Festival stock image via Pexels

Lloyd Burr: It’s a smart move by the government to essentially be an insurer for large concerts and events over summer

Lloyd Burr 09/11/2021

OPINION: For gigs that are ticketed and have more than 5,000 attendees, and that require vaccine certificates from all those going, the government will pay out 90% of the costs, IF covid restrictions force it to be cancelled. 

It’s summer festival insurance, in essence. 

It’s a smart move because it means organisers will go ahead with ensuring Kiwis can have that quintessential Kiwi summer experience. 

They can push ahead with the enormous logistical challenge of getting stages, and tech, and toilets, and offices, and tents, and generators, and gates, and stalls, and all that complex stuff organised - without worrying about going bankrupt. 

So summer fun is still on the cards. 

And the government knew they’d be partly to blame if all the concerts and festivals were cancelled and they hadn’t tried to help this sector in some way. 

They’ll want it to look like they’ve saved summer, and in many ways they will - for those going to gigs anyway. 

For some, it’s too late - like Bay Dreams which has cancelled this year’s two events in Tauranga and Nelson. That was MIQ-related too. 

But at a time when the government hasn’t appeared to get much right, this is one where they did get it right.

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