Colourful car crosing border Photo by Moose Photos from Pexels
Photo by Moose Photos from Pexels

Lloyd Burr: There cannot be an Auckland border at Christmas

Opinion 05/11/2021

OPINION: Can you believe that for the second day running, the government is still publicly musing over what to do with L3 borders at Christmas? 

Specifically, what to do in Auckland, where a third of the country’s population lives.

Will Aucklanders be able to leave over Christmas to be with family or visit their holiday homes or even have a holiday? 

Similarly, will those outside of Auckland be able to come to the city for holidays? To see loved ones? 

It’s a vital issue, and it affects so many people. 

But the way the government is handling it is shabby, and embarrassing. 

They’re not debating it around the Cabinet table or behind closed doors, they’re doing it in public.

And the only thing it’s resulting in, is confusion. 

On Wednesday: Hipkins says he’s considering allocated departure slots so there aren’t massive queues while police check everyone’s vaccination status. 

On Thursday: Robertson poured cold water on that idea, saying it wouldn’t be practical.

On Thursday arvo: Hipkins fired back, saying no system will be perfect, and they’ll make sure they can make the border controls work. 

Then today, Robertson again said those allocated departure slots would be impractical. 

What is going on with the government? 

Why are they ruminating in public? 

Keep it behind closed doors, and then tell us once you’ve made the decision. 

Or better yet, let’s just abolish the Auckland border by the end of this month. 

By then, people would have had long enough to get their vaccines. 

The unvaccinated will have to live with their decision, as will the rest of us when they swamp our health system. 

But I’ve already had one Christmas cancelled due to to Covid last year, that was in London. 

It was depressing, sad, and lonely. 

And it’s not something we want in New Zealand. 

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