Traffic Light stock image via Pexels
Traffic Light stock image via Pexels

Lloyd Burr: This is the week the rubber hits the road for the government’s covid plan

Lloyd Burr 29/11/2021

OPINION: We move from the elimination-focused Levels system, and into the framework designed for living with the virus: the traffic light system.

There’s a lot that’s been planned in a short amount of time.
The government has scrambled to put the plan together, to change its tack, and to try to give us some normality back.

I’m sure officials will be scrambling all week as well. There’s a lot to do.
In many ways, the government is building the plane while it’s flying.

The traffic light system will be rolled out on Friday. The vaccine passes will be rolled out on that day too. So will the vaccine pass verification applications that businesses will need. Hospitality will reopen in Auckland on that day too.

A lot is happening on one day.

And there’s a lot that could go wrong: vaccine passport systems that won’t work or vaccine passports for those vaxxed overseas not being issued in time. Confusion about the rules, and businesses inadvertently breaking the rules.

Police will also be stretched too, trying to enforce the new system and assist pubs and bars and even shops dealing with unruly unvaccinated people.

But also a lot to go right.

Fully vaccinated Kiwis will be rewarded for protecting themselves, and protecting others. They’ll be able to go back to relative normality. We’ve waited a long time for it.
The rubber hits the road this week for the government.

Will they nail it? Or will it be a flop?

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