Festival goers stock image Photo by Wendy Wei from Pexels
Festival goers stock image Photo by Wendy Wei from Pexels

Panel discusses the government's summer festival insurance announced today - adequate enough or does it fall short?

Lloyd Burr 09/11/2021

LISTEN: Today the government announced insurance for major music festivals stating that any large events over 5000 people will be covered in costs up to 90% so they can go ahead with planning for the summer ahead.

The Government has announced a new large events support scheme to financially de-risk large summer events from the effects of Covid-19.

The new scheme, called the Events Transition Support Scheme will see the Government underwrite upfront costs of events that can’t be recovered in the event of cancellation. The scheme will go live this week.

The Government has been under pressure to help large scale events, driven by uncertainty around where events are able to go ahead in the current climate of Covid-induced uncertainty.

Our live panel discussing this on Lloyd Burr Live was event promoter Brent Eccles of Eccles Entertainment & Jordan Williams, CEO of the Taxpayers Union.

While both agreed that this was a good step forward for festival planners and punters alike, there are questions as to why this kind of support is not being extended to smaller events and also hospitality business owners who are facing these issues right now.

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