Pharmacies encouraged to sell DIY rapid antigen tests from Dec 15

Leah Panapa 26/11/2021

LISTEN: DIY rapid antigen tests will be available to purchase at pharmacies from December 15.

It's part of a billion-dollar package to support COVID-19 in the community, the government announced on Thursday.

Nearly $1b will be invested in testing and contact tracing, while $300m will fund antiviral medication and $200m in welfare support for people self-isolating at home.

"It's a marvelous opportunity for pharmacies to be able to offer this," Andrew Gaudin, chief executive of The Pharmacy Guild of New Zealand told Magic Talk.

"We think it's great the government's recognised the vital role that community pharmacies play."

Gaudin said customers would have the option of buying a kit to take home and do it themselves, or you could also take a test under the supervision of a pharmacist and get an expert opinion.

But will the DIY tests be available in all pharmacies? 

"Certainly those who want to do it and have the capacity to do it," Gaudin said.

"We will be encouraging as many [pharmacies] as possible to do it."

He said The Pharmacy Guild wants to "maximise access" to the tests for all Kiwis.

Listen to the full interview with Andrew Gaudin above.

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