Sir Ian Taylor says govt's self-isolation trial is flawed

Lloyd Burr 19/11/2021

LISTEN: A New Zealand businessman who has just taken part in a self-isolation trial after travelling abroad says the government system is flawed.

Animation pioneer Sir Ian Taylor returned from the United States and has been keeping a diary during his experience.

His self-isolation trial was totally self-funded after being approved by the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE) and was run independently alongside the government's 150 self-isolation programme aimed at business people.

"None of this was run by the government, we did it all ourselves," Sir Ian told Lloyd Burr Live.

He says the trial was "interesting" and "informative".

"Some really valuable lessons we've picked up out of it," he said.

Sir Ian spent a week in the US attending meetings in Los Angeles and San Francisco with broadcasters and sports companies, before returning back to Auckland.

His business, Animation Research, is the company behind the world's leading sports broadcast graphics, as seen during America's Cup.

Sir Ian departed Dunedin to the US on November 1, using a range of New Zealand made technologies to keep him safe, and arrived back in the country on Sunday, November 7.

Ernst and Young were tasked with writing a full report on his return, to present to the government.

"You hear about these government reports and they seem to take ages," Sir Ian told Magic Talk.

He was cleared of his self-isolation at 7:45 am on Friday. Within 45 minutes, his full report by Ernst and Young was completed.

Sir Ian says his trial worked effectively, while the government's own programme has serious flaws.

"It's really hard to know what they were trying to achieve," he said.

Sir Ian believes his home-isolation trial demonstrates that if the government will listen to him, "we can start bringing people home before Christmas."

Listen to the full interview with Sir Ian Taylor above.

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