The 'controversial' new university that's got people talking

Graeme Hill 01/12/2021

LISTEN: A new university in the United States is causing a stir as it sets out to emulate a traditional institution that teaches students how to think.

The University of Austin, or UATX, is more colloquially known as the Intellectual Dark Web (IDW) Univesity.

The institute's goal is the pursuit of truth at all costs and was founded in response to what some see as an increasing illiberalism on university campuses.

One of the academics behind the idea is Peter Boghossian, who resigned as a philosophy professor at Portland State University, due to ideological concerns.

He says students will be taught how to think, not what to think.

"The university is founded on the fearless pursuit of truth independent of what the result will be," Boghossian told Magic Talk.

He says authoritarians have overtaken US university systems.

"This is a controversial idea that will show you how ideologically captured our institutions have become."

UATX is aiming to be a pretty old-school university, with classes only offered in-person.

However, it has been criticised so far as it cannot confer degrees, but it has plans to become accredited in the near future.

Listen to the full interview with Peter Boghossian above.

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