Will Labour be able to plug the gaping holes in the vaccine certificate system approaching this summer?

The AM Show 19/11/2021

WATCH: David Parker was under the heat this morning as Simon Bridges picked holes in the coming vaccine certificate system that kiwis will be taking part in this summer.

After months of deliberation around vaccine passes now that they are upon us, there seems to be gaping holes in how these will be implemented and policed over the summer period.

Though the vaccine pass can be downloaded and saved on your phone or even printed off as a hard copy, there is plenty of room for human error and intentional misuse of the passes i.e. friends sharing the same code and making them available online.

"I think it's going to be completely unworkable," National MP Bridges told The AM Show on Friday, appearing with senior Labour MP David Parker. 

"Either what you're going to have around the country is a police state where the police are out there looking for passports or certificates everywhere, and at shops and here there and everywhere - or else it's going to fall by the wayside. 

"I just can't see how bars, restaurants are retail and so on are going to make this work. When David says they've put a lot of thought into it, I'd love to see the evidence of that. The Prime Minister, when she was asked these sorts of questions, couldn't answer very many of them."

The rules are unclear not only around the vaccine certificates but also the Auckland border management and the ‘traffic light system’ according to Simon Bridges this morning.

"It's as clear as mud, isn't it?" said Bridges. "The traffic light system, the border stuff. I confess, I don't exactly understand it all."

David Parker likened the policing of vaccine certificates to checking ID for age at a bar, and that hospitality venues are used to this.

"Bars are used to getting ID from people if they look like they might be close to 20. People have stopped asking me in recent years. But you can't really do it simpler than having a certificate on a telephone that can be downloaded and shown on your phone, which is what most people will do. If people haven't got a suitable phone they can download it and print it off. I think it's practical." 

Parker went on to outline the choice these venues have in regards to utilising vaccine certificates or operating under tighter restrictions.

"Bars have a choice - they don't have to use this, they can go for social distancing instead. They have a choice. This is about keeping New Zealanders safe… I think most people will instead go for the vaccine certificates because they can have more people in their premises without social distancing. 

"We're in the lucky position that because we've done so well, we haven't had to deal with these issues as soon as some other countries. Countries through Europe have similar measures to limit the spread of COVID, and we do too."

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