‘Clearly a joke’: David Seymour won’t make Crate Day a national holiday despite surge of support

Lloyd Burr 06/12/2021

LISTEN: David Seymour says he won’t make Crate Day a national holiday after announcing he would make Crate Day a national holiday.

The ACT Party leader, whose popularity is skyrocketing in the latest political polls, is known for taking the piss and is an expert on social media.

On Saturday in a video from the Backbencher pub in Wellington, where MPs like to sink a beverage or two as it’s across the road from the Beehive, Seymour said: “As we know Crate Day is a great day and under ACT it would be a national holiday.”

But speaking to Magic Talk on Monday, Seymour admitted it was just a bit of fun.

“It’s very obviously a joke,” he told Lloyd Burr Live.

“People have jumped up and down and said I thought you were opposed to holidays. You didn’t support Matariki, you don’t want employers to have extra costs put onto them… are you sure you’re not going to Mondayise it? I mean, come on, it’s very clearly a joke,” he said.

Kiwis celebrate Crate Day on the first Saturday of summer by at least attempting to drink an entire crate of beer. It’s an unofficial public holiday.

Seymour said “t’s designed to promote a bit of recycling and camaraderie” and while he won’t make it a national holiday of significance, people appeared to be on board with the idea.

“It was the second-highest rating social media in New Zealand politics this week. The only one that beat me was Jacinda doing a post about Neve. Now look, I can’t beat that,” he told Magic Talk.

Seymour says everyone is taking themselves “a bit too seriously” at the moment.

“And after the year that we’ve had and everything we’ve gone through there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of fun”.

He admits he doesn’t “drink very much” and usually goes “weeks if not months at a time” without a drink.

“I’m not religious about it. I just find basically if you drink, you sit there for an hour drinking and you’re an hour slower the next day,” Seymour said.

The ACT Party encourages safe drinking.

Listen to the full interview with David Seymour above.

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