‘Marketing ploy’: Kiwis warned about holistic dentistry

Leah Panapa 06/12/2021

LISTEN: More Kiwis are riding the wellness wave but it doesn’t just end at green smoothies and yoga as holistic dentistry finally reaches our shores.

A person's mouth can reveal a lot more about how their overall health is, including stress levels and sleeping habits, to the condition of the gut.

Holistic dentistry looks at how dental treatments could have wider implications on the body.

But Dr Jonathan Broadbent, associate professor of Dental Public Health at the University of Otago, is “slightly concerned” it’s being used as a marketing ploy.

“To attract a certain clientele to their practice or to advertise themselves as offering what is essentially in some cases alternative dentistry,” he told Magic Talk.

According to the regulating body, the NZ Dental Council, all dentists and other oral health professionals must take a holistic approach to care appropriate to the individual patient.

“That means we’ve got to look after the whole person, not have tunnel vision just looking at their teeth," Dr Broadbent said.

People should always ask their dentist any questions they might have about a procedure and how it might implicate their overall health.

“It’s very important that whoever your dentist is that they work with you to either explain what they’re doing or to provide care that meets your individual needs. Not just relating to what’s going on with your teeth but maybe other concerns that a person might have,” Dr Broadbent told Magic Talk.

Patients are advised to do their research first.

Listen to the full interview with Dr Jonathan Broadbent above.

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