Stray cat image via Pexels
Stray cat image via Pexels

'North of 400' cats trapped and killed on Hawke's Bay farm, people dumping unwanted pets

Danny Watson 07/12/2021

LISTEN: Hundreds of feral cats are showing up in a forest on a Hawke’s Bay farm, and many seem to come from unwanted pets dumped by people close to the area.

Over the last 15 years the workers on a Tunanui farm have been forced to trap and kill between 100 - 150 cats every single year to protect that wildlife around the area.

Last year, that number jumped to over 350, this year, it’s 400 cats.

Tunanui Station owner Andrew Russell says he believes the number is rising because of people dropping unwanted cats in the area.

"There are a certain number of people that are actually driving up here and chucking them out in quite large numbers" Andrew Russell told Danny Watson.

When asked how these cats are winding up in the country side in such large numbers, Russell says that cat rescue people could be responsible for dumping the unwanted cats.

"Well, some of them ring cat rescue people, which then drive out into the country. Take the cats off them, saying they're going to re-home them, and they drive out to the country and then dump them off."

Russell says that numbers increase rapidly because many of these dumped cats are pregnant.

"Quite a lot of them are pregnant, and that's how the numbers multiply quite quick because, you know, they obviously see the cat's pregnant, they think crikey I live in town, I want one cat, but I don't need suddenly to have six or seven cats."

Listen to the full interview between Danny Watson and Andrew Russell above.

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