COVID 19: Auckland hospo snubbed by govt, Northland’s vulnerability ‘grossly exaggerated’

Lloyd Burr 13/12/2021

LISTEN: The government has announced when Aucklanders will move to the Orange traffic light system - New Year’s Eve.

Northland will be the only region to stay in red come 11.59pm on Thursday the 30th of December.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says that will be almost four weeks after the traffic light system was introduced.

Ardern says the cautious approach in Northland, is due to low vaccination rates. 

But it’s a bittersweet announcement for Auckland’s hospitality industry. 

The red light setting over Christmas means restaurants and bars continue to face restrictions. 

Hospitality New Zealand CEO Julie White told Lloyd Burr Live the orange setting will come too late for some operators.

“It’s really hard especially after the hundred days that they were shut,” she said.

White says some businesses are down 80 percent this Christmas season. 

“It is a very small ray of sunshine but every day counts at the moment,” she told Magic Talk.

Former New Zealand First MP, Northland-based Shane Jones, says the region is being victimised.

“The level of vulnerability is grossly exaggerated,” he told Magic Talk.

“I know for example well over 90 percent of Maori my age, men and women, have already had their vax.”

Listen to the full interviews with Julie White and Shane Jones above.

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