Washed car stock image via Pexels
Washed car stock image via Pexels

Kiwi teen turns part-time summer job into entrepreneurial success

Leah Panapa 15/12/2021

LISTEN: Reuven Gooding, a 19-year-old Auckland-born car detailer has over the last several years taken his part time summer hustle from a paid hobby to a fully fledged business washing and detailing high end cars.

After his first client, former prime minister Sir John Key, Gooding has worked away at growing his business from a bucket and a sponge to a successful detailing brand with 5 employees.

Leah Panapa spoke to Gooding this morning about the journey of his start-up success.

"I started out walking down Saint Stephens Ave with nothing but a bucket and sponge, and I grew from a hobby into a business and I feel very thankful" Gooding said after being asked how he started his business.

"I was 15 years old, still in high school. I was in fifth form at Auckland Grammar, and I just wanted a part time job, a bit of cash"

Panapa asked Gooding what it was that made him want to go out and clean other people's cars in the first place.

'Well, I've always had a huge passion for cars' Gooding responded. Ever since I was a young little boy, my dad used to drive around in his car, and I was fascinated by cars watching Top Gear. And I guess I'm a little bit OCD and I just really enjoy cleaning cars. I mean, everybody has something that makes them tick.

And as Einstein says, sometimes whatever you love doesn't have to make sense to anybody else."

Listen to the full interview between Leah Panapa and Reuven Gooding above.

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