Vaccine vial stock image via Pexels
Vaccine vial stock image via Pexels

Lloyd Burr: I’m so bloody proud of our country

Lloyd Burr 16/12/2021

OPINION: I’m so bloody proud of our country. 

We’ve hit 90% of the eligible population fully vaccinated against Covid. 

It’s an incredible achievement. 

And one that’s been achieved so quickly. 

When I arrived back in New Zealand in August, the vaccination rollout was a wee trickle. 

The over 60s were being jabbed, but there was no urgency. 

But since then, it’s turned into a raging torrent of vaccinations. 

In four months, we’ve gone from pretty much nothing, to 90 percent. 

Along the way, there was lots of noise - lots of anti-vaxxers, or vaccine hesitant people - who were critical. 

There were protests and anger and conspiracy theories and lots of utter crap. 

It was a very vocal minority. Which saw lots of frustrations and annoyances and sighs….that maybe we weren’t going to get there. 

But we have. We are at 90% fully vaccinated. 

It gives me faith in the New Zealand public. 

Similar to the faith that I had when Kim Dotcom’s Internet Mana got absolutely owned by the public in the 2014 election. 

The vast majority of Kiwis saw past the nonsense, and went and got vaccinated. 

Good on ya. You’re a smart, sensible bunch. 

It’s a great Christmas present to the country. 

It’s a great achievement to clink glasses to tonight. 

You’ve bloody done it. You should be stoked. 

I’m bloody happy to be a Kiwi today. 

Good on ya. 

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