ICU stock image via Pexels
ICU stock image via Pexels

Lloyd Burr: No matter how loud the government shouts about its funding for hospitals, the problems don’t go away

Opinion 10/12/2021

OPINION: No matter how loud the government shouts about its funding for hospitals and intensive care units, the problems don’t go away. 

We’re constantly hearing from hospitals and nurses and health professionals about the dire state of the buildings, staffing levels, morale, equipment, and covid prep. 

Just today, it was revealed that nine emergency department nurses at Hawke’s Bay Hospital have written to their managers with serious complaints. 

The three page letter talked about glad wrap being used to screen off Covid patients, held together with string and sticky tape. 

That’s hardly going to stop covid. 

They wrote about experienced staff walking off the job because they’re burnt out and can’t keep battling on anymore. 

These are the men and women who are our frontline of treatment when we are critically sick. 

They’re using Glad Wrap. 

They’re using sellotape. 

They’re using string. 

This is the front line to the Hawke’s Bay’s covid response - and there will come a time when patients with Covid are in the hospital and its some cling film that’s stopping them infecting others. 

How is this ok? 

How is this even happening? 

Why wasn’t this all fixed up last year, as we saw the wave coming? 

The government’s $644m it announced for ICUs and HDUs last week is going to take months and months to trickle through. 

Our public health system needs urgent attention. 

I can’t believe it’s gotten to this point, so late in the piece. 

I should be surprised, but it’s a sad and sorry state of affairs that I’m not.

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