Brian Tamaki & Wally Haumaha via Getty
Brian Tamaki & Wally Haumaha via Getty

Lloyd Burr: Wally by name, Wally by nature

Opinion 14/12/2021

OPINION: I hate talking about Brian Tamaki. And I hate giving him airtime. 

But I have to today since text messages between police and Tamaki himself have been released. 

It’s appalling how our police top brass have been so accommodating to him. 

They are nauseatingly nice and friendly to him.

Here is someone organising illegal activities, and the very top levels of our police force are pandering to him. They’re tip-toeing around him. They’re making him feel legitimate. 

Wally Haumaha is the deputy police commissioner, and here is what he sent, via text message, to Brian Tamaki: 

“Kia Ora Bishop (remember, he’s not a real Bishop). Thank you, that was a great korero and an opportunity for Andy (in this case Andrew Corster, the Police Commissioner) to get to know you and the context behind what you are doing. Awesome. Anything you need, just let me know”

What a disgrace that message is. 

That last bit: “Anything you need, just let me know”. 

That is the bit that concerns me. 

Put simply - it stinks! 

The buddy-buddyness. The familiarity.

This man is planning a crime, and the very top of the police are asking him if there’s anything he needs.  

What he needs is to be locked up and treated like the law-breaker he is. 

Imagine if police treated burglars like this? Or rapists? Or murderers? 

He’s not a hero. He’s a recidivist law breaker. 

He claims he’s a freedom fighter, although he’d never fight for the freedoms of gay people, or the freedom of women to have an abortion, or the freedoms of his vulnerable parisioners to not be forced into giving him money.

In my opinion, he’s a fraud, and most of our country knows it. 

He lives in a mansion with his luxury cars and expensive lifestyle, while those who attend his church and load up his coffers are barely making ends meet. 

His modus operandi is dangerous and divisive. He preys on the poor.  

His ego and sense of self-importance is dangerous. 

He thinks he’s a messiah. He’s appointed himself as a bishop. And as an Apostle. 

So why the heck are the top brass of our police force giving him a free pass? 

Why are they wrapping him up in tissue paper, instead of wrapping handcuffs around his wrists? 

It reeks of corruption. 

It reeks of favouritsim. 

So what is the explanation? 

We asked Police Minister Poto Williams but she’s unavailable.  

We wanted to ask Police Commissioner Andrew Coster and Deputy Police Commissioner Wally Haumaha but we haven’t had a response. 

Maybe I should anoint myself as a Bishop and an Apostle - and then they might reply to me.

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