Freedom camper stock image via Pexels
Freedom camper stock image via Pexels

Tasman district 'under resourced' to enforce new rules for freedom campers

Leah Panapa 08/12/2021

LISTEN: The government has announced more legislation and rules on freedom campers, though the Tasman District mayor says resources to enforce these new rules are already stretched too far.

Mayor Tim King said that with the new legislation announced is aiming to increase fines for noncompliance.

With the Auckland border opening up on December 15th, an expected surge of travellers to camp on site and freedom camp, though some sites will require a vaccine pass. Policing this wil recquire rescources that the mayor says are already limited.

Speaking to Leah Panapa on Magic mornings, Tasman District mayor Tim King said; "They were going to introduce legislation to bring in both tighter controls on the type of vehicles that can be used for freedom camping (ie) self-contained, and increasing in the fines for noncompliance".

Though he says that the new legislation won't be ready in time for the summer ahead.

King also said that the main issue will come down to enforcing these new rules, while funding for this type of enforcement has been cut, rather than improved.

"The issue of enforcement is always we've got a huge district and relatively limited resources. At the same time, the government actually has discontinued funding support that they have been providing over the last few years for extra enforcement.

"And so that leaves us more under-resourced than we have been over the last few years, which is not ideal".

Listen to the full interview between Leah Panapa and Tim King above.

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