Ringo Starr celebrates 82nd birthday by sending message of 'peace and love' into space

music news 08/07/2022

Ringo Starr celebrated his 82nd birthday by gathering with his family, friends, and bandmates for his annual Peace & Love celebrations, and this year he launched his message of "peace and love" into space.

Ringo gave the "launch" signal to the Artemis Space Network Mission Control Center in Houston from his Peace and Love statue in LA.

Ringo Starr peace sign

It marks the start of the musical space mission, also named 'Peace and Love,' which will orbit the Earth and travel throughout the universe.

According to the event description, the mission includes Starr's 2021 single 'Let's Change The World' as well as 'Star Song'. They'll "orbit around the Earth, passing over many countries and much of the Earth's population and beam back down messages of peace and love while also travelling out to distant stars."

Peace & Love is currently a global event, which Starr began in 2008 to commemorate his birthday, with 26 countries taking part.

Starr at peace and love event

The Beatles' social media accounts honoured the occasion with an amazing video featuring Starr in a number of Beatles projects throughout the years.

The clip is set to the song 'With a Little Help from My Friends,' written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, sung by Starr, and combines highlights from his long career as well as behind-the-scenes snippets.

Well, there’s no better way to celebrate your birthday than sending a message to space - add that one to the bucket list.