Magic is now in Manawatu on 104.2 FM!


Magic has officially launched in Manawatu on 104.2 FM... make sure you tune your radios in now!

We are excited to have launched Magic in another market and so are some of the locals, read some of the great feedback below.

Just wanted to say that your radio station is a breath of fresh air, fantastic to hear all the old classics, I have made the shift to magic permanent, cheers. Terry in Fantastic Fielding

Welcome to the Mighty Manawatu Its great to hear you and the Music on 104.2 FM.  Its MAGIC. Happy New Year from us all, its great to join you. Barrie Angland

Congratulations Magic on gaining a frequency for Manawatu 104.2. We live in Palmerston North and have listened to you for the last 18 months on 95.1 Kapiti using an FM antanina. People who visited us over that time always commented on the music and are now switching to 104.2 at the expense of Coast, The Breeze and The Sound. All the best keep up the music. Grant & Jude Weavers – Awapuni

Hallo All. Wowwwwwwwwwwww .Congratulations. What a lovely New Radio Station New Zealanders can now enjoy..I;m been a Music lover for all my life.having started out as a DJ at 15 years old  then have played live music for some 45 years.Still have all my 45s and LPs.and tapes.7’’ reel to reel ,and cassettes .!! Ive now retired my band but was fully booked most years serving the Manawatu and regions..No Hotels,------ Just weddings-Cabarets,RSA and Cosie Clubs .!! Ive been turning the dial up and down the FM band for many years,without 1 station jumping out at me.Even Coast didn’t cut it 24/7..That’s the point. in my opinion.!! Ive now listened to your Magic Station since finding you by chance on Saturday 6/1/18...100%.You all need to be congratulated, What a great team effort...I'm spreading the word very fast for you..Your taste of choice of songs are  outstanding as i would call them too one after the other.My dance floors were always packed with no dull songs ever in between..!! How many in the team as i would love to send you up some money so for the office lady to buy you all Morning tea on me.!!!!! .How”s that for a 2018 gesture.!!. Oh man you just keep them coming the lovely hits. I have my own Security Alarm Business of 31 years now.T/A Alarm Safety Services, Solid client base,but by my choice new installations iv let slow naturally.Leave to the younger ones now to crawl around in roof spaces,as i'm 65 so sort of going into a semi retirement lifestyle & now with magic to provide the back bone to a happy bright day,.the timing couldn’t have been better. All the Best - Dave Grantham, Feilding.

Hi Mark. I’m currently enjoying listening to Magic! Wonderful! I was alerted by a cousin at whose Queenstown home I first discovered Magic that you were live in the Manawatu from Xmas Eve. I’m grateful to have been warned, as I hadn’t seen any publicity about it. Dennis Duffy

I was working on a job and the builder told me he stumbled across 104.2 fm since then my radio was immediately tuned to 104.2 fm in Feilding the best music since I was a boy 50 years ago.

Hello Magic. I just want to say thank you for the fabulous music you play. I hope you continue to stay with the 50s, 60s and 70s music. Coast started with this and soon changed. Once I knew you hit the Manawatu it was an instant change on my radio stations from the car, to the house to the garage. PLEASE don’t change. Congratulations, you have my vote. Regards Sue Alchin