TV presenter tackles runaway horse

trending 24/05/2018

Sports reporters don't usually find themselves in the thick of the action, but a UK racing presenter has well and truly proved her credentials.

Sky Sports UK presenter Hayley Moore stunned viewers when she put her body on the line to reel in a runaway horse at Chepstow in Wales on Wednesday (NZ time).

Racehorse Give Em A Clump was on the loose after unseating its rider, before evading stewards and started charging at Ms Moore.

But she bravely stood in the path of the galloper, grabbed the reins and horse, and hung on tight, as she was dragged along the turf for a couple of metres, before the horse came to a halt.

After capturing the horse, she then dusted herself off and took its saddle off, before going back to her day job.

Ms Moore is the daughter of a famous trainer and sister to a champion jockey, she was an amateur ride herself, before switching to broadcasting.

"He gave me a clump there, but I just couldn't bear to see it go out on another lap so I thought we'd go for it," she said after the incident.

Surprisingly, she didn't suffer any injuries after grabbing onto the horse.