Should Blenheim be renamed to Marlborough City?

Tired of the association with 'Blenheimer' boxed wine, vintners in Marlborough want to change the name of the region's biggest town.

Their suggestion? Marlborough City, to capitalise on the region's international reputation for producing quality grog.

"We've got a number of people throughout the wine industry and the hospitality sector who have quite openly realised that when you travel internationally the recognition is definitely with Marlborough, it's certainly not with the name Blenheim," says Allan Scott Family Estate general sales manager Mitchell Gardiner.

"When someone comes from the other side of the world, they might know what Marlborough is or particularly why they want to visit Marlborough, but they can easily drive through Marlborough without even realising they've been here."

He got the idea to change Blenheim's name after attending a show by comedian Dai Henwood, who mercilessly mocked the town.

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