Check out Murray's story in Women's Weekly

photos 08/05/2017

Last week Murray appeared in Women's Weekly New Zealand.

He chatted about his new role on Magic Afternoons and about being in radio for 42 years!

Murray started out in radio after a comment from one of his teachers.

“I was always a bit of a clown in class and an English teacher said to me one day, ‘You should get yourself a job in radio – that’ll keep you occupied!’ I took him up on that and I am glad I did. I couldn’t have imagined doing anything else.”

One of Murray's favourite parts of the job is getting to talk to people from all walks of life as well as interviewing some big celebrities including Robbie Williams and Tom Jones.

Murray had a bit of time off before starting at Magic which meant he got to spend time with his family and his wife Jo.

“It’s great being part of the team at Magic. A few of us – like Mark Leishman, Geoff Bryan and Mark Smith – have been around for a while.”

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