Photo credit: Women's Weekly NZ

Mark and Geoff appear in Women's Weekly

Magic in the morning

Last week Mark and Geoff appeared in the latest issue of Women's Weekly New Zealand.

In the issue they talked about working together in the mornings on Magic and how they've known each other for 35 years and this is the first time they've worked together.

They also discussed how they had a history of going for the same jobs and how they both started in regional radio, Mark began in Taupo and Geoff in Blenheim.

“I started at a little station where you had to put the record on to play the music and put every commercial in individually, so you were constantly running around,” Mark told Women's Weekly. “It was a tiring shift, but so much fun.”

Photo credit: Women's Weekly NZ

And now they are both on Magic in the Morning together.

“After all these years, they decided to create a station just for us,” Mark told Women's Weekly.

It’s perfect for us. It’s our age and we can relate to our listeners. They’re such a loyal bunch. If you played a 1980s song, they’d notice straight away.

Photo credit: Women's Weekly NZ

“We’ve even got listeners in Denmark of all places! We get emails from Canada, the US – we’re conquering the world one radio at a time. We’re very lucky, although I’m learning that stopping Mark from singing is the major performance requirement for 2017!” Geoff said.

The full interview with Mark and Geoff is on the Women's Weekly website and will have you smiling while reading it.