PETITION: Slash MPs' pay by 20% due to Covid-19 crisis

petition 06/04/2020

By Ryan Bridge from Magic Drive

The Covid-19 health crisis is having a devastating impact on New Zealand businesses and workers. Thousands have lost their jobs, hundreds of thousands have had their pay packets cut and many businesses are on the brink of collapse.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and other government MPs have stated publicly that "we are all in this together". This seems a mere platitude. Until MPs, including the Prime Minister, feel the economic impact of the disease in the same way the rest of us do then these are hollow words.

What do we want:

An immediate 20% pay cut for all MPs for the period of at least three months. This cut is to be reviewed after three months with the possibility to extend a further 3 months.

This would take PM Jacinda Ardern's pay from $471,049 to $376,000.

Most ministers in Cabinet earn nearly $300,000 - around $250,000 more than the average NZ salary of around $50,000.

This would be reduced to around $240,000.

Why are we doing this? 

This petition has been generated by the Ryan Bridge Drive Show on Magic Talk. It follows lobbying from listeners and business leaders who have voiced support for the idea.

Please follow this link to sign the petition if you agree. Please also share widely amongst your friends and family.

NB: The Remuneration Authority is responsible for setting MPs pay so this request may require an urgent change to the way this is done. Given the unprecedented nature of the situation we find ourselves in, this seems an appropriate action and is only temporary.