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Minister of Finance confirms potential cash injections to keep businesses afloat

Williams asks Robertson for his thoughts on the Business Confidence Survey results and moving from the wage subsidy to a more targeted approach.


Coronavirus: editor of Sorted 'a great moment to reevaluate our financial behaviour'


Coronavirus: Paul Goldsmith 'we need to have a sense of the ramifications for level 2 and 3'


Coronavirus: David Seymour believes public register of wage subsidy is 'reprehensible'


Coronavirus: National Party Finance spokesperson 'we need to do more'

Paul Goldsmith from the Pandemic Response Select Committee joins Peter Williams to discuss the committee's latest answers from the Police Commissioner


Coronavirus: Finance Minister says 4.5 billion has been paid for assisting businesses


Coronavirus: Zoonotic disease specialist 'we have to be careful'

Professor David Hayman joins Peter Williams to discuss the effects of Covid-19 and the importance of testing.


Coronavirus: Winston Peters 'this country will never be the same'


Peter Williams talks to a relative of New Zealand's first COVID-19 victim

Speaking on Peter William's show, she was described as fit & the family can't seem to understand how she got it as she had been out so little.


Coronavirus: Simon Bridges on the Covid-19 select committee


Coronavirus: Kiwi's "income will reduce significantly" - Finance Minister


Coronavirus: NZ Bankers Association how to bank under lockdown

Chief Executive of the New Zealand Bankers Association Roger Beaumont tells Peter Williams how to continue banking safely during the Covid-19 lockdown


EXCLUSIVE: Winston Peters answers age concerns during Coronavirus pandemic in first post-alert appearance

Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters says he is going into self-isolation to work from home during Alert Level 4


Coronavirus: New laws give Government more powers than during both world wars

Professor Al Gillespie joins Magic Mornings to describe new laws coming into effect to contain coronavirus


Former Kenny Rogers Music Promoter on Magic Mornings

Stewart McPherson was the original music promoter for Kenny Rogers when he toured New Zealand.


"Take it seriously" - Kiwi's warning to NZ from Italy

Kiwi Nikki Roberts describes to Peter Williams how drastic the measures Italy have taken to reduce Covid-19 cases.


Simon Bridges will support Government only if they "move expeditiously"

Simon Bridges tells Peter Williams he will continue to support Government if they are proactive.


Coronavirus: Impact on tourism industry


Coronavirus: Schools remain open


Simon Bridges won't confirm tax cuts on National's agenda

Simon Bridges is promising to "keep taxes low" if he becomes leader, but is yet to confirm a tax cut policy.