Brett Hudson: New Zealanders deserve a Government that delivers

When it comes down to the delivery, the part New Zealanders care about, this Government fails badly.


Dr David Clark: Rebuilding our hospitals

As a Government we know we’ve inherited some big and longstanding challenges in health, but we are making progress.


Duncan Garner: Jacinda Ardern's year of delivery has been sloppy and confused

Well, it's almost over. Did you miss it?


Peter Williams: Where is your vote going?

A year out from the general election, Magic Talk host Peter Williams asks who you're voting for?


Grant Robertson: Our economy’s in good shape

A strong economy allows for more jobs, higher wages for working New Zealanders, and gives us the ability to provide world-class healthcare, education.


Leah Panapa: Countdown's quiet hour could be good for all of us

So one hour a week where things are slowed down a little bit may not be that bad.


Jacqui Dean: Summer of discontent looms for small business

Poor policy direction and meaningless rhetoric from the Government has led to a haemorrhaging of confidence from the small business sector.


Duncan Garner: Lack of emergency housing in Auckland shows how greedy we have become

It's not like we haven't had our share of mayors and leaders who claimed they cared.


Peter Williams: Time to spend the surplus and invest in Kiwis’ future

Let’s get serious about all this extra money that is sloshing around in the country, writes Peter Williams.


Duncan Garner: Surplus shows Government fleecing New Zealanders

As far as surpluses go, this is big. They took $7.5 billion from our pockets when they either couldn't spend it or chose not to spend it.


Duncan Garner: Drug testing at festivals is what's best for our kids

So let's not have kids die unnecessarily because we stay staunch to some ideal. Let's offer the service and keep our kids alive.


Peter Williams: Extinction Rebellion ‘nutcases’ spreading lies

What is it they are actually protesting about?


Jenny Salesa: Beefing up our borders

I am always eager to make sure I’m talking to the people on the front line of the agencies I oversee.


Duncan Garner: How a wildly out of control spinning truck restored my faith in men

I need to offer my apologies - first to all men, for dismissing you so quickly and then to all women for being much too quick to give praise.


Iain Lees-Galloway: Making sure businesses can get the skilled workers they need, when they need them