OPINION: The cost of Labour and the price we’re all paying - David Seymour

Every country is dealing with COVID, too. True. But it doesn’t mean we couldn’t be doing more to control the cost of COVID.


Lloyd Burr: I’m so bloody proud of our country

We’ve hit 90% of the eligible population fully vaccinated against Covid.


Lloyd Burr: 'Three Waters' means fewer poo-namis, and more swimming at the beaches we love

Councils have been complacent for too long - and I hope when Three Waters comes off the shelf next year at Parliament, Kiwis realise it’s a good move.


Lloyd Burr: We need to embrace the new housing reforms

We all have to make compromises in life - and our attitudes towards housing densification is one of them.


Lloyd Burr: Wally by name, Wally by nature

Why are they wrapping Brian Tamaki up in tissue paper, instead of wrapping handcuffs around his wrists?


Lloyd Burr: No matter how loud the government shouts about its funding for hospitals, the problems don’t go away

OPINION: No matter how loud the government shouts about its funding for hospitals and intensive care units, the problems don’t go away.


Lloyd Burr: How much is a life worth?

The reason I ask is because a woman in Queenstown has just been sentenced to 4 and a half months home detention after killing someone.


Lloyd Burr: UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is a giant hypocrite

While the rest of the UK was cancelling plans and staying home and following the rules, Boris Johnson and his staffers, friends & MP's were partying.


Lloyd Burr: What is the future for Judith Collins?

Why would she want to stay in Parliament after the tumultuous tenure she’s had there?


Lloyd Burr: Christopher Luxon has proved a lot of people wrong this week, Including me

It’s been a remarkable week-long honeymoon for new National Party leader Christopher Luxon., writes Lloyd Burr.


Lloyd Burr: Little's $644m ICU press release, another reason why I'm cynical when it comes to politics

As the country moved to the traffic light system, and pubs and bars could finally open in Auckland, Andrew Little dropped a $644m press release.


Lloyd Burr: Why you should care when political parties reshuffle

When political parties reshuffle their lineup, a lot of my mates ask why it’s such a big deal, and why they should care. So here’s why you should.


Lloyd Burr: Good intentions doesn’t give you the power to police the roads, and stop and check people.

OPINION: I’m feeling very uneasy about Hone Harawira and his crew planning to erect roadblocks around parts of Northland this summer.


Immigration policy meltdown: Minister Faafoi’s ‘three strikes’ in three weeks

As we near the silly season, it’s not been a great three weeks for the Minister of Immigration.


Lloyd Burr: Can we hug our loved ones? Can we hug our friends? Or is it still banned?

I’ve been bereft of social interaction for nearly two years.