David Bennett: Davis must correct prisoner-first system

National's Corrections Spokesperson David Bennett on the risks of a prisoner-first system


Leah Panapa: Community is still the heart of the neighbourhood


Employment Minister Willie Jackson: Up to 2,000 young people to get support into training and apprenticeships

Willie Jackson discusses how as a Government, they want to help businesses grow by providing a pathway to skilled labour.


Duncan Garner: Pania Newton is astonishing, a real hero

Right now many people may think she's a stirrer, but I think we should give her the permission to do what she's doing now.


Duncan Garner: Playing discrimination card on car smoking ban is letting down Māori kids

She's muddled, she's confused, she's torn and, sadly, she's totally compromised due to being a Māori woman herself.


Grant Robertson: Unemployment at 11-year low shows an economy working for all

Grant Robertson gives his opinion on latest unemployment figures


Opinion: The problem with news in New Zealand

TV in New Zealand is broken, and it could have a big impact on news, writes Hal Crawford.


Duncan Garner: Corrections staff total buffoons for sending alleged Christchurch gunman's fan mail


Duncan Garner: Can the All Blacks win the Rugby World Cup? I'm not overly confident

Normally three games into a season the ABs would be humming, but this is the worst I have seen them in Hansen's long reign.


Duncan Garner: Kiwi kids sharing nudes should alarm all parents

A message to parents - be careful when your eight-year-olds take selfies.


Leah Panapa: Why a handshake is so important

Remember when a hand shake meant something?


Duncan Garner: Winston Peters reserves the right to surprise on a daily basis

There's a reason why parties are loathe to work with Winston Peters in Government. They never really know where they stand.


Duncan Garner: Business community not liking Government's confused economic agenda

Business confidence seriously affects things and businesses have blinked, they don't like this Government they don't want confused and muddled policy.


Leah Panapa: Would you go see a drive-through doctor?

Leah interviewed Dr O'Sullivan who's big idea is to build portable 'drive through' medical suites. Would you go see a drive through doctor?


Duncan Garner: BP's free fuel a 'feel-good campaign' likely trying to curry favour

Someone offers something for free and we all dive in.