Ryan Bridge: Jacinda has poked an angry tiger

The only person at risk of being hit over capital gains tax is Jacinda Ardern, writes Ryan Bridge.


Chlöe Swarbrick: Responding to New Zealand's mental ill health

We should not accept an inevitability of exploding mental ill health in New Zealand, writes Chlöe Swarbrick.


Jonathan Young: Why Megan Woods is ducking for cover on energy policy

The Government ignored advice of their officials that curbing new oil and gas exploration would hurt the economy, writes Jonathan Young.


David Seymour: Accountants the winners out of capital gains tax

The ACT leader says there will only be one winner if the CGT is introduced.


Duncan Garner: Paul Wilson should die in prison

Paul Russell Wilson, or Paul Russell Tainui, should never, ever see freedom again., says Garner.


Duncan Garner: Winston Peters could kill off capital gains tax

Peters doesn't support a capital gains tax but he might seek a compromise tax, writes Garner.


Phil Twyford: Making our rental homes warm, dry and healthy

Renting is now a long-term reality for many Kiwi families, writes Housing Minister Phil Twyford.


Peter Williams: Simon Bridges is the Taine Randell of NZ Politics

Jacinda Ardern is miles ahead of Simon Bridges in the latest polls.


Duncan Garner: Was NZ too quick to ban Huawei from 5G rollout?

The big boys don't like being second these days.


Sean Plunket: Please don't hate on Iris

Plunket reveals that his intentions were not to "set out and destroy Iris".


Sean Plunket: 12 rules for dealing with Jordan Peterson's visit to NZ

Sean Plunket shares his rules for the controversial Canadian psychologist's arrival to New Zealand.


David Seymour: One big question left unanswered by the Prime Minister

"The Government’s approach is full of policies that will undermine, rather than promote, prosperity."


Peter Williams: The social implications of basketball overtaking rugby in school

"Will we become mainly watchers of the game and not players of it?"


Leah Panapa: Dog owners need to do their part in preventing attacks

"There are many ways to avoid these horrific attacks and, sadly, the basics are sometimes forgotten."


Gareth Hughes: It's time to reinstate food and nutrition guidelines in schools

This month marks ten years since a National Government scrapped the ‘Food and Nutrition Guidelines’ for schools, writes Gareth Hughes.