Simon Bridges: It’s time for all Kiwis to play their part

I have never experienced something like this in my lifetime, and a lot of you will be the same.


Jenny Marcroft: Strengthening our health services to combat COVID-19

Italy’s situation should serve as a warning, their health services are struggling to cope with rapidly increasing number of cases.


Darroch Ball: Why we need a new law to protect our first responders

There are very few professions where, every day, one puts themselves directly in harm’s way for the sole purpose of serving and protecting others.


Hon David Clark: Your health is our top priority

On Thursday morning the World Health Organisation announced that the spread of COVID-19 is now classed as a global pandemic.


Todd McClay - Regulatory Reform first part of National’s Economic Plan

The cost of renting has skyrocketed by $65 a week due to the red tape and cost heaped on landlords by this Labour, Greens, and NZ First Government.


Duncan Garner: Self-isolation lacking credibility before potential collapse of world order

Millions of dollars of wealth up in smoke all because of a flu without a vaccine that's killed mainly older people.


Duncan Garner: Why wait for the Budget when the COVID-19 crisis is now?

Now, suddenly Robertson is being called on to lead us through a coronavirus financial mess that threatens his $220 billion economy.


David Seymour: Our virtue-signalling Government

ACT has long argued that we have a marketing-led Government.


Darroch Ball: A response to Mark Mitchell’s attempt at satire

What Mitchell wrote was so comical it is truly difficult to figure out where to begin to point out how National demonstrably failed New Zealand.


Shane Jones: How the Provincial Growth Fund is connecting our regions

Despite a large population based in our provinces, connectivity to and from these regions with the rest of the country has been historically poor.


Mark Mitchell: Government’s soft on crime attitude hits a new low

Corrections has set a dangerous precedent and has essentially opened the floodgates, what will prisoners try next to force Corrections’ hand?


David Seymour: Government is the biggest threat to your property

There’s not much meaning in life if you can’t plan for a better tomorrow and carry out your plans.


Stuart Nash: Some big wins for Police dealing with organised crime, meth and gangs

This week the Coalition Government marked a huge milestone, we celebrated over 2,000 new Police who have graduated from the Royal NZ Police College.


Jacinda Ardern: Free school lunches for thousands of kids

Child poverty is a complex issue to tackle, but one thing we can do straight away is make sure kids get at least one decent meal a day.


Paul Goldsmith: Economy slowing under Labour, the Greens and New Zealand First

Most people are tired of such a small party holding the country and its government to ransom.