Gareth Hughes: Animal rights should not be ignored

You can tell a lot about a country by the way it treats its animals. One blot on New Zealand’s record has been the practice of live exports of animals


Jenny Marcroft: Climate Change Bill great achievement for Coalition Government

What many commentators have missed is the importance of farm emissions being included in the legislation.


Hon Damien O’Connor: Supporting our rural communities

One of the things I enjoy most about being on the ground at Mystery Creek is hearing firsthand about the issues that matter to our rural communities.


Clayton Mitchell: Why does politics have to be so nasty?

Sometimes politics appears to be like the end of a four year old's birthday party when the sugar high hits.


Peter Williams: Give the teachers more money - but they'll still want more

A pay increase won’t fix teachers’ woes. And this is because the real issue isn’t better pay, but the conditions they find themselves in.


Duncan Garner: Coalition Government least effective in 25 years

The truth is, Labour told you a bunch of utter garbage, they told you what you wanted to hear - dog whistle politics to keep up with Winston Peters.


Duncan Garner: Auckland Council's 'climate emergency' declaration is just nonsense

Let me cut to the chase. Our biggest city has now joined others in declaring an emergency, because of climate change.


Amy Adams: 2019 is the year the Government botched it's Budget

National Party Finance Spokesperson Amy Adams takes a look at the Government's Budget 2019 and suggests how she would promote well-being.


Duncan Garner: Is National on the brink of a leadership coup?

Leader of the Opposition is widely regarded as the worst job - not just in politics, but anywhere really. And, Simon Bridges is having a torrid time.


Leah Panapa: Feeling home in Auckland

Leah remembers accepting a job offer to come to Auckland and that feeling when she first looked across the Harbour Bridge which she still feels today.


Duncan Garner: Government is prioritising mental health over women dying of breast cancer

I am still struggling to see why the Government has so far refused to give women dying of breast cancer in this country some help.


Health Minister David Clark: Transforming mental health

Last week the Government responded to the Inquiry into Mental Health and Addiction, and used the Wellbeing Budget to begin rethinking our approach.


Golriz Ghahraman: Defend our democracy from corrupting money

New Zealanders are proud to live in a democracy where everyone has an equal vote, and we need to ensure corruption and undue influence is prevented.


Peter Williams: Fake news is a real thing

So in this age of 24-hour news cycles and the need for stories which are designed to make a political impact, be very aware of unverified stories.


Darroch Ball: The truth about young offenders on remand

It is clear that the reason why more youth are being held in custody on remand is not because it’s just becoming “a default option”.