If we're teaching kids that they have white privilege, surely we can’t have a sports team called the All Whites anymore?

OPINION: What’s becoming obvious is that the indoctrination of our education system with this concept called “white privilege” is starting at the top,


National MP Andrew Bayly: Don’t believe the Government spin about inflation

Statistics NZ specifically state that petrol and house prices have been a major influence in the spike.


Mongrel Mob member Harry Tam campaigns for Labour, yells "Sieg Heil" - a victory salute used by Nazis

OPINION: I've got a video you need to see. In it, you will see a man wearing a notorious Mongrel Mob patch.


Peter Williams: Forty years on - were you pro or anti the 1981 Springbok Tour?

OPINION: Then, like now, I’d really like to keep politics out of sport, but now I know that’s impossible..


Peter Williams: Is it time to kill off orca baby Toa?

#OPINION: Keeping orca baby Toa alive has afforded some witty debate - but the cost to the taxpayer is beyond a joke.


Ryan Bridge: If a police officer says they need a weapon to do their job, who am I to stand in their way?

OPINION: We should all be shocked at how violent criminals are becoming in this country.


ACT MP Chris Baillie: Who even is the Police Minister?

OPINION: I was a frontline Police officer for 14 years and I know first-hand what officers are up against and the dangers they can face.


Peter Williams: How much do you worry about the independence of the media in this country?

#OPINION: Thank God that not all media outlets are woke.


National MP Stuart Smith: Demand the Debate, Aotearoa or New Zealand

National MP Stuart Smith discusses how whether Kiwis are for change or against it, the most important thing is that we get to discuss it.


ACT MP James McDowall: Stout Street on a Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Unfortunately, we are currently on a road to nowhere. The Government is delusional, and that’s being ‘kind’.


Peter Williams: Are you much bothered with the Olympics?

OPINION: The International Olympic Committee is an immoral beast for insisting the Tokyo games go ahead this month.


Peter Williams: Folic acid in bread - are you ok with mass medication?

OPINION: I'm ok with folic acid being added to my bread - it's for the overall good


Peter Williams: Should you be allowed to express an unpopular opinion and not suffer consequences?

OPINION: It's time we pushed back against personal opinions being mob lynched.


Peter Williams : Should taxpayer money be going to the gangs?

#OPINION: If the Human Rights Commissioner Paul Hunt wants to pay to speak to the gangs - he should use his own money.


ACT MP Mark Cameron: Authentic words from rural New Zealand

Single moments in time are often our most defining. Our shared future is irreversibly linked to what happens in watershed moments. Now is no different