Jacinda Ardern: Free school lunches for thousands of kids

Child poverty is a complex issue to tackle, but one thing we can do straight away is make sure kids get at least one decent meal a day.


Paul Goldsmith: Economy slowing under Labour, the Greens and New Zealand First

Most people are tired of such a small party holding the country and its government to ransom.


Kris Faafoi: Every New Zealander should have a place to call home

If I had my way New Zealand would have had a public housing build programme operating at the scale it is now for the past decade-plus.


Duncan Garner: NZ First donation debacle threatens to derail Winston Peters in an election year

Winston Peters and his party look to me like they are in deep, deep doggy poo.


Jacinda Ardern: Building an Aotearoa we can all be proud of

This year I once again travelled to the Bay of Islands to mark the signing of Te Tiriti o Waitangi – our country’s founding document.


Sean Plunket: Me, Mike Moore and 9/11

In the classic Kiwi vernacular Mike was a “good bastard".


Duncan Garner: Corrections owes more than an apology to Benjamin Lightbody

This is our public service and private prison company Serco at its very worst and its most negligent.


Michael Woodhouse: Government’s handling of outbreaks not good enough

In light of the coronavirus and the concerns being caused by the outbreak, the spotlight has again been shone on our Government’s handling diseases.


Ryan Bridge: Is the Governments road announcement too whimsical?

This is the best day in terms of government announcements from this government in it's lifetime.


Sean Plunket: Put your name where your opinion is

If you want to have a crack at me and my ideas have the guts to say who you are.


Darroch Ball: Our First Responders are not punching bags

The number of assaults on all our first responders suffer every year may be surprising to some people.


Scott Simpson: Rescue helicopter needed for Coromandel

National MP for Coromandel Scott Simpson makes the case for a rescue helicopter stationed in the area.


Simon Bridges: National will be the party of infrastructure

The hallmark of the first two years of this Labour-led Government is that not enough infrastructure has been built. Plain and simple.


Peter Williams: Behrouz Boochani is an overstayer and he should leave New Zealand immediately

You have to hand it to Behrouz Boochani and his merry band of supporters, they have played the system exceedingly well.


Jacinda Ardern: A country with heart

2019 has been a year that has tested New Zealand’s strength and shown our collective character.