Simon Court: Climate change report should be binned

"There is no doubt that New Zealand needs a good and proper response to climate change – this just isn’t it" writes ACT MP Simon Court


Peter Williams: Why you should be sceptical about the Climate Change Commission report

What the Climate Change Commission is recommending is a gross interference in the way we are expected to live our lives while China just keeps smoking


High cost, little benefit': Bjorn Lomborg says renewables must be more cost-effective

Danish economist Bjorn Lomborg says we need to look at ways to make renewable energy genuinely more cost-effective to help solve climate change


Peter Williams: Where would New Zealand be without colonisation?

In the 21st century, we have to accept a few things - that New Zealand is proud of its democratic history and is multicultural, writes Peter Williams


Peter Williams: Sympathy for Craig McLachlan

Where is the justice for those accused of crimes they were cleared or never charged for asks Peter Williams.


Simon Court: New Zealand is staring down the barrel of an energy crisis

So why has the prospect of energy shortages reared its head now?


Peter Williams: Do you know what unconscious bias is?

Police apparently have an unconscious bias towards ethnic people and are now being asked to wear body cameras, writes Peter Williams.


Peter Williams: New Zealand’s changing face

Are we ready for a new look New Zealand, asks Peter Williams?


Chris Baillie: Why we need better education standards

I was a teacher for 22 years. I watched as some teachers put in minimal effort but were paid the same as those who prepared well, writes Chris Baillie


Peter Williams: Who should be our best friend - Australia or China?

The Australians have hurt feelings because of our close relationship with China, while theirs crumbles away, writes Peter Williams.


Duncan Garner: Government living in its own bubble of perfect vaccination rollout

At first, we believed them - Chris Hipkins told us we were proudly in front of the queue for vaccinations.


Peter Williams: Do you care if your KiwiSaver is invested in oil and coal companies?

Grant Robertson has said default KiwiSaver providers must not invest in fossil fuels. Is that smart, asks Peter Williams.


Peter Williams: Do we value teachers?

The sad fact is that New Zealand's educational achievement is falling, so how much do we actually value education - and those responsible for teaching


David Seymour: ACT’s Budget for middle New Zealand

We can’t just oppose, we need to propose. ACT is doing just that.


Peter Williams: Labour not helping anyone - including the poor

When will this Labour government realise that throwing money at the poor won’t actually get them out of poverty, writes Peter Williams.