Darroch Ball: Our First Responders are not punching bags

The number of assaults on all our first responders suffer every year may be surprising to some people.


Scott Simpson: Rescue helicopter needed for Coromandel

National MP for Coromandel Scott Simpson makes the case for a rescue helicopter stationed in the area.


Simon Bridges: National will be the party of infrastructure

The hallmark of the first two years of this Labour-led Government is that not enough infrastructure has been built. Plain and simple.


Peter Williams: Behrouz Boochani is an overstayer and he should leave New Zealand immediately

You have to hand it to Behrouz Boochani and his merry band of supporters, they have played the system exceedingly well.


Jacinda Ardern: A country with heart

2019 has been a year that has tested New Zealand’s strength and shown our collective character.


OPINION: Eulogy for the United Kingdom's democracy

The United Kingdom’s constitution, a misnomer in itself, is already taking the first steps towards dissolution.


Michael Woodhouse: National will make health a priority

Last week, National released our Health Discussion Document, setting out what we believe are the challenges facing the health system.


Duncan Garner: White Island police recovery only happening after community pressure

Make no mistake, this is a seat-of-the-pants dangerous mission without WorkSafe approval.


Sean Plunket: The best gift you can give to others is time and understanding

Sean shares an emotional heartfelt message this Christmas season.


Grant Robertson: Major investment to boost New Zealand’s economic growth

Today, the Government announced a major investment to future-proof New Zealand’s infrastructure.


Duncan Garner: Police refusal to recover bodies from White Island must be questioned

I say we must let calculated courage be our test - and sometimes locals know best, not transplanted police officers from Wellington.


Sean Plunket: Life is short, fragile, and full of adventure

Of course we feel for all those caught up in this and we hope they eventually find peace and somehow get through it.


Duncan Garner: Government needs to take on those responsible for producing plastic

The Government needs to take on those responsible for producing plastic.


Chris Hipkins: Major cash boost for schools

The one-off capital injection for most state schools next year will boost local economies and fund urgent school property improvements.


Duncan Garner: Legalising cannabis is bloody mad

I couldn't believe it when I heard the Government was going to let us have 14 grams of cannabis on us.