Stuart Nash: Small businesses snap up government support

Zero is a good number if you are Dr Ashley Bloomfield. One billion dollars is a good number if you are the Minister for Small Business.


Opinion: The Diversity Division

My first job in radio in the mid 80’s I was a keen teenager who worked 6 days a week for a mere $119, writes Leah Panapa.


Ryan Bridge: "I have no issues with somebody else not believing in homosexuality"

Ryan Bridge questions our so-called 'free society' on The AM Show.


Mark Richardson: "I'm ashamed of New Zealand"

Mark Richardson claims New Zealand is 'a country of narks' for dobbing in lockdown breaches.


Finance Minister Grant Robertson: Next steps to recover and rebuild with Budget 2020

It’s fair to say this year’s Budget was far from businesses as usual.


Duncan Garner: Just spending and borrowing won't fix New Zealand's economy

"If throwing money at the economic mess was going to fix it then Grant Robertson's Budget nailed it."


Matt Doocey: We need results for mental health services

New research is showing that the longer people stay in isolation, the more pronounced the effects on their mental health.


Peter Williams: Level 2 is 'egregious' and 'illogical'

Peter Williams has written off his thoughts on the Prime Minister's Level 2 presser, labeling it 'stupid' and 'anti-Christian.'


Small Business Minister Stuart Nash: A lifeline for Kiwi businesses

There’s an easy way we can all do our bit to support Kiwi businesses – and that’s by shopping locally.


Dr. Parmjeet Parmar: Scientific community key to Covid-19

Scientists around the world are working hard to find out as much as possible about Covid-19.


Opinion: Have we gone McMad?

Leah Panapa writes her opinion on the McDonalds Level 3 craziness.


Peter Williams: New Zealanders must always have a right to return to their homeland

All New Zealanders have a right to return home, says Peter Williams.


Duncan Garner: We allowed COVID-19 to be walked into New Zealand

Duncan Garner says the border restrictions came far too late.


Amanda Gillies: John Key 'arrogant' to suggest Govt is not prioritising economy

Sir John Key is "arrogant" to assume the Government doesn't want the best for NZ's economy during the hardship of the COVID-19 response, Gillies says.


Opinion: Are we struggling in lockdown?

"The Prime Minister has congratulated us as a nation for doing our bit and staying inside during lockdown".... Leah starts.