Peter Williams: What's the secret to longevity in marriage?

The extraordinary marriage of the Queen and Prince Philip was a life together that has seldom been replicated anywhere, writes Peter Williams.


Peter Williams: Where are all the cops?

Residents of Paihia say they don’t have any police staff to address crime in the community and it begs the question, are we being policed well?


Peter Williams: When should I retire?

Here I am at the age of 67, still working and sometimes wondering why, writes Peter Williams.


Peter Williams: Calling out the woke

The mayor of Nelson has an issue with free speech and an Upper Hutt college is trying to be the wokest school in the country, writes Peter Williams.


Peter Williams: One year since lockdown - could you do it again?

It was on this day a year ago when new phrases like “be kind” and “social distance” entered the lexicon and we heard about this thing called Zoom...


Ryan Bridge: Julie Anne Genter telling hard-working New Zealand investors to 'cry me a river' is stupid and ugly

A far cry from kind and caring.


Peter Williams: The government’s wonky ideological housing plan

Broken promises from the government - but what else did we expect, writes Peter Williams.


Tova O'Brien: Jacinda Ardern and the mother of all broken promises

Jacinda Ardern effectively introduced a capital gains tax (CGT) today, breaking one of the biggest promises of her political career


Peter Williams: My week in Milford

Magic Talk Mornings host Peter Williams reflects on his week in Fiordland and the tourism businesses struggling to survive.


Mark Richardson: I hope Piers Morgan isn't replaced by someone who just spouts the rhetoric of the day

OPINION: I'm disappointed to see Piers Morgan leaving.


Peter Williams: Trump was right - Harry needs a lot of luck

Harry and Meghan have insulted the Crown and in the eyes of most people that is unforgivable, writes Peter Williams.


Peter Williams: What is it like to be a woman today?

I see women in this country as not being denied opportunity, writes Peter Williams.


Danny Watson: A fitting place for the Erebus memorial

There's a way for us to all win here...


Peter Williams: Losing faith in our media and its framing of COVID

We keep being told this disease is still rampant overseas but is our media lying to us, asks Peter Williams?


Peter Williams: Jacinda Ardern admits it’s ‘propaganda’

"Has the government forgotten that words matter?" Asks Peter Williams.