Duncan Garner: Government needs to take on those responsible for producing plastic

The Government needs to take on those responsible for producing plastic.

9 hours ago

Chris Hipkins: Major cash boost for schools

The one-off capital injection for most state schools next year will boost local economies and fund urgent school property improvements.


Duncan Garner: Legalising cannabis is bloody mad

I couldn't believe it when I heard the Government was going to let us have 14 grams of cannabis on us.


David Clark: It’s okay to need support

It’s the first time New Zealand has ever had a dedicated Suicide Prevention Office.


Ryan Bridge: Hypocrite climate protesters should be put in handcuffs

It's a flagrant disregard for private business, for commercial enterprise and basic property rights.


Winston Peters: ‘Butt out’ tobacco tax

In New Zealand the price of a packet of cigarettes is made up of over 80 percent taxes.


Mark Mitchell: National focused on the safety of New Zealanders

Our document has a range of proposals to put victims at the heart of the justice system.


Duncan Garner: Grace Millane trial shows the law needs to change to put victims first

Her reputation, her life, her preferences, her youthful experiments - open to full judgement, and she can't defend herself.


Maureen Pugh: West Coasters sick of this Government

I’m proud to be a coaster, and I was proud to attend a 4000 strong call to action on the West Coast last week.


Megan Woods: Getting Kiwis a fairer deal on the monthly power bill

Helping Kiwis with the rising cost of living is one of the long term challenges our Government is tackling.


David Seymour: Universities should protect speech, not feelings

Who would have thought that, in 2019, an MP would need to provide sanctuary at Parliament to a group wishing to host a discussion about feminism?


Duncan Garner: Māori health leaders' desire to control marijuana market 'bigoted crap'

Māori health leaders say they now want any new cannabis laws to not only target them, but to be written by them, to favour them.


Nikki Kaye: National to focus on quality education

A good education can transform lives. That’s why Education, alongside health and infrastructure, is one of National’s core investment priorities.


Chris Hipkins: All schools should be a great place to learn

School rules can be extremely contentious and it’s important that those affected have their voices heard.


Beth Houlbrooke: The rural sector is under attack from Labour

Only ACT opposed the legislation. This is a recurring theme. On free speech, the rushed firearms law, the Zero Carbon Bill and many other issues.