Lloyd Burr: Little's $644m ICU press release, another reason why I'm cynical when it comes to politics

As the country moved to the traffic light system, and pubs and bars could finally open in Auckland, Andrew Little dropped a $644m press release.

9 hours ago

Lloyd Burr: Why you should care when political parties reshuffle

When political parties reshuffle their lineup, a lot of my mates ask why it’s such a big deal, and why they should care. So here’s why you should.

10 hours ago

Lloyd Burr: Good intentions doesn’t give you the power to police the roads, and stop and check people.

OPINION: I’m feeling very uneasy about Hone Harawira and his crew planning to erect roadblocks around parts of Northland this summer.


Immigration policy meltdown: Minister Faafoi’s ‘three strikes’ in three weeks

As we near the silly season, it’s not been a great three weeks for the Minister of Immigration.


Lloyd Burr: Can we hug our loved ones? Can we hug our friends? Or is it still banned?

I’ve been bereft of social interaction for nearly two years.


Lloyd Burr: This is the week the rubber hits the road for the government’s covid plan

Will they nail it? Or will it be a flop?


Lloyd Burr: Kamikaze-Collins Crushes The National Party

It’s the end of the week and while most of us are winding down and looking forward to a relaxing weekend, those in the National Party won’t be.


Lloyd Burr: Finally some good news for our wonderful expat community

Just last week, I urged the Prime Minister to admit defeat, fall on her sword, and overhaul MIQ.


OPINION: A lot of law, but where’s the order?

It is no secret that New Zealand is staring down a gang problem. Gang numbers have grown 50 percent over the past four years.


Lloyd Burr: Govt's COVID plan finally starting to flower

Maybe this was all part of their plan. It feels like it’s all coming together.


Lloyd Burr: At this time exactly 11 years ago, it was absolute chaos on the West Coast

Despite initial optimism that the men could be saved, the picture slowly became clear that it was a near impossibility.


There comes a time in politics when you must fall on your sword, admit defeat, and act accordingly. MIQ is one example

It’s not a weakness to admit you’re wrong, and adapt policy when it’s no longer fit for purpose.


Lloyd Burr: The double standards of unvaccinated police checking vaccine passports

It’s double standards. It’s time for some consistency.


Lloyd Burr: Bring Back Winston

OPINION: I never thought I’d say this, but I miss New Zealand First, writes Lloyd Burr.


Lloyd Burr: Credit where credit is due, but it's time for certainty for hospo, hairdressers, beauty salons etc too

OPINION: After months of pleading for the government to give us some actual freedom dates, we’ve finally got them - well, one of them at least.