Dr David Clark: Midwifery Workforce Accord improves safety for all

One of the very reasons I entered politics and was so interested in taking up the Health portfolio is to try and make people’s lives better.


Gareth Hughes: Oil drilling not our future

Young Kiwis in their thousands came together demanding action on the greatest issue of our generation.


Ryan Bridge: Dissension in the ranks of National Party

For National's own sake, today should NOT be the day. Here's why - I'm being told a capital gains tax is likely to be revealed today.


Ryan Bridge: Government and Red Cross message misaligned

It seems there's been some major miscommunication - or someone's not telling the truth. Somebody's misleading us, or somebody's incompetent.


Ryan Bridge: What is the point of the Capital Gains Tax?

It's the friend you invite to the party as you think it's the right thing to do. Only he shows up slurring, stinking of booze, and ruins everything.


Darroch Ball: The facts about a ‘no pursuit policy’

When these suggestions are looked at more closely, however, it is clear that they simply don’t make sense.


Leah Panapa: Bullying in the Workplace

Nearly half of kiwis have experienced bullying or harassment at work because of gender, ethnicity, age, disability or sexual orientation.


David Seymour: Jacinda Ardern’s economics of blindness

ACT Party leader David Seymour describes the benefits that capitalism has brought New Zealand in 100 years and explains what ACT would do in power.


Golriz Ghahraman: Gun law changes just the beginning

Fixing gun laws is just the beginning. The next steps must involve looking at our community spaces. I know our hate speech laws aren't working.


Duncan Garner: Israel Folau will be shown the door

It's not really about what he said, or even free speech. It's about his job as Australia's best player and the guy who can break open any defence.


Ryan Bridge: Why nobody should be offended by Israel Folau

There are five reasons nobody should be offended by Israel Folau and nothing should be done about his comments.


Amy Adams: Rising living costs and a slowing economy – NZ deserves better

Amy Adams, National's Finance spokesperson argues that higher costs of living and a slowing economic growth are a double hit for New Zealanders.


Duncan Garner: Don't censor Folau's garbage views

Duncan Garner says it is important not to censor people like Israel Folau, so we can see what they stand for and "laugh" at them.


Duncan Garner: Pharmac is an indictment on our health system

Isn't it damning? Isn't it shameful? What an indictment on our health system, Pharmac and the Government's approach, and aren't you embarrassed?


Peter Williams: Why don't jobseekers pick fruit and do something?

Why, when there are labour shortages, and well publicised labour shortages, why are the numbers on the job seeker support payments going up?