Watch: Sean Plunket gives listeners some talkback 101

Video 21/01/2019

Veteran broadcaster Sean Plunket launched his new afternoon talkback show by addressing a few rules for both first-time and loyal listeners.

Plunket's first piece of wisdom was to "keep it seemly" with appropriate daytime language.

"There's no R-rating on your radio… So let's try to keep  the conversation and the language that we use relatively unsalty.

"Though I don't mind people being forthright in what they say but really smart people can do that without saying the naughty words that you might use.

The Magic Talk Afternoons host called for listeners to keep the conversation as "a contest of ideas" without turning to hate or bagging people.

"Anything really is on the table," Plunket told his listeners on Monday.

While Plunket expects to bring a few of his thoughts at the beginning of his show, he welcomes listeners to call in with whatever topic they want.

But above all, Plunket said he hopes that listeners can learn from each other and their conversations on the talkback station.

"Life in general is stuck in a bit of a culture war at present. And because of technology and social media and the way many commentators convey their messages - it's very easy for us to shout at each other rather than talk with each other.

"And talking with each other is what I'm all about here at Magic Talk."

Magic Talk.